Sunday , June 20 2021

I'm charged with terrorism accompanied by the Czech Republic –

Information on Shehadeh's ferry in the Czech Republic confirmed Dnevnik N two sources familiar with the case. One of them said that Shehadeh was captured in Jordan, and the Czech police knew for a long time their place of residence.

About Shehadeh reported on Wednesday server Neovlivní.cz with regard to reliable sources of security. The Czech authorities have not confirmed the information. Director of the Chief Economic and Financial Crime Department of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office in Prague (VSZ) Marek Bodlák said he could not publish any further information on the case.

He just said that the three Czechs were accused of participating in a terrorist group, promoting and promoting terrorism and financing terrorism. For these crimes, imprisonment for up to fifteen years is punishable.

According to former media reports, the former Imam of Prague Samer Shehadeh, his brother Omar and Omar's wife are among the accused. Attorney Adam Kopecky, who was assigned to Omar Shehadeh as a lawyer, said that detention was probably Samer only. "The fate of my client is still unknown, even if she lives," he said.

The Muslim community left

The former Praški had been in the forefront of domestic secret services and police a few years ago for fear of radicalization. The suspicion, for example, prompted a petition instructed by its convoys not to participate in the fight against terrorism with Christians. He is charged with supporting terrorism one year after his brother and sister traveled to Syria, where they fought al-Qaida's nursing organization. I've got help in the charges.

Former Powder I have Shehadeh studied in Saudi Arabia. Upon their return, the Prague Muslims chose the leaders of the Muslim community in Prague, and at the same time it was placed in the place of the imams of the Praška mosque. From there he left four years ago for controversy. Other representatives of the Muslim community then left the public.

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