Wednesday , June 23 2021

Lejla Abbas (38) is a fourfold mother! The second mom is a partner …

You made twins a couple of months ago, but you can not see it at all. How did you get in the mold right now?
"It's a simple matter, but the worries of the three little students are actually the tallest girl, but I was also happy to have never been pregnant during pregnancy, and if only a few pounds were stuck, it was only in the eighth of the ninth year. I was born early, but in the seventh month, so I was not enough or picked up.I had eleven pounds, but not too much for a double pregnancy.It is true that I practiced a lot, before and during pregnancy, so the body is remembering Most of the time, however, will take twins and run around three small children. "

How does it look to you four children?
"What am I going to tell you?" "Laughs," David was often with his father, otherwise he would not work, and I was on my feet from 6am to midnight, and I just drowned one kid in the other, thankfully, we have a deal with my partner two. there is a man I have given to as many children as two to three hours, and then simply can not. "When they cry, I have no free hands, Little Iman is not coming yet, so she needs another man to run around her."

I can not imagine it at all …
"I had to cook this day and I had one child in front and the other on the back, and the first turned and changed to the third, because others were screaming and then calming and so on. Iman was on his back but after somebody time began to scratch the neck because he did not enjoy it. The preparation of the food was cheerful. "

At least your partner helps …
"Absolutely! Volkan is just another full-fledged mom with everything. I have a lot of scattered milk, so there is no problem. But I do not leave the house often and leave nothing on it. I think it's three years of care for kids. Then he'll come back. "

How does David's eldest son respond to his brother and how does Leyla work with four children? You will learn in the printed Aha! for women No. 47.

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