Thursday , January 28 2021

Medical Commission insists on increase of salaries of all health professionals by ten percent – ČT24 – Czech TV

"The CLC disagrees with Vojtech's health ministry to raise salaries of qualified doctors (14th-16th Division) by only two percent in January 2019. The CCI requires the government to fully meet its obligation to raise interest rates for all health care workers by ten percent since January 2019, "the resolution states. The Congress also calls for a regular price setting for health care.

The Chamber invited the Ministry of Health to cooperate on the work of foreigners without approval in Czech hospitals. Foreign doctors from countries outside the European Union must be trained in professional practice for which they are exempted from the Ministry. The Chamber of Pharmacists wishes to obtain from the Ministry every month a list of doctors from abroad, the name of the hospital and the name of the doctor who performs direct professional guidance.

The Chamber wants electronics only voluntarily

According to doctors in the field, eHealth should be voluntary for doctors and patients. In the Chamber's view, the use of the electronic system should be motivated by doctors, without fear of sanctions, which may be liquidated for surgery.

The CLC is prepared to prevent doctors who are involved in a drug-related drug problem. In January this year, an electronic prescription was introduced, the first year in which the state administration does not target doctors who have not joined the system.

By the chamber, doctors should have both voluntary and electronic discomfort. The Congress ordered the CLC Committee to begin negotiations with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on the continuation of the work of the Expert Council on e-Deficiency, which would involve representatives of the Chamber.

According to the congressional resolution, the length of the study should not be prolonged, which can be motivated by motivating young and language doctors to go to other countries.

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