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NASA will investigate the mysterious metal asteroid –

The 200 kilometer long psyche is located in the main asteroid belt, especially between Mars and Jupiter. According to Live Science, this is the eleven strongest known asteroid in our solar system, but it is mostly ice and rocks.

But this asteroid is mostly made up of iron and nickel, similar to Earth's core. However, his metal core is obviously dead.

According to NASA, which carries an asteroid, when the probe arrives to it, it will carry instruments including a magnetic field magnetometer and a spectrometer that will determine exactly what it is. The multispektral device captures high-resolution images to distinguish metals and silicates.

On the asteroid, the probe must be anchored in 2026

The spacecraft will be released in Psyche in August 2022, and a year later Mars will pass, and the asteroid will arrive on January 31, 2026, if everything is in the foreground.

With this mission, scientists believe they will better understand how the solar system was created.

On March 17, 1852, astronomer Annibale de Gasparis, Naples, discovered the universe's body. The name is by Greek Nymph Pssy.

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