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Private investments are at its peak, free money is on the record market

The financial data was highlighted by the Financial Times. The amount of free money grows not only due to the interest of pension or state funds, but also because of still low interest rates and cheap money from financial institutions. Only this year, private investment funds want to collect at least trillion dollars of investment. There is also a steady rise in the number of new funds around the world.

In the first six months, private investors invested about $ 256 billion ($ 5.7bn), which is the second strongest half-year in the last decade, says analyst Refinitive. Only before the crisis was a stronger period, namely in 2006, when investments exceeded $ 400 billion. The share of private investment in total investment also grows to 13 percent. This is the largest number since 2013.

The most significant deals include buying real estate portfolios in Singapore GLP Blackstone for $ 18.7 billion, or selling the Nestle division for more than $ 10 billion.

The National Development Fund will be managed by the National Bank, with investments up to 35 billion euros

Thanks to the cheap cash for acquisitions, according to the Financial Times, more and more lump sum capital travels, resulting in increasing valuation of individual companies.

"I expect the other half of the year to be similar to the first six months. Trading is easy to finance, everyone has enough money, "said Simona Maellara, a private equity specialist for the Financial Times. Despite the threat of a growing trade war and the global slowdown in the global economy over the last few months, investment markets are hovering.

The Raiffeisenbank buys real estate for at least $ 1.5 billion

The price of gold has risen to a record of six years, and sanctions against Iran triggered it

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