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Recommended PC kits: March 2021

Do you really need mobility? Are you sure you want to pull your laptop on vacation? Isn’t your mobile phone or tablet enough to do the most necessary things? If this is the case, a desktop computer is a convenient addition to such mobile devices. If, for example, you are a student traveling by train every week / two across half the republic, you will appreciate a laptop. Even at school, a laptop is convenient because, for example, you can immediately find out if there are scripts in the library or download the necessary material for the semester. An interesting variant is the use of a desktop computer and tablets that can serve as a notebook, portable document medium and, for example, at school for reviewing tasks, checking results, etc. You will already be working on a main / large computer at home and appreciate its performance and extension.

The desktop computer is also on top of all mobile devices thanks to its ergonomics stemming from its separate peripherals. Of course, you can also connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to a laptop or a modern tablet, but that is no longer our topic. We will consider classic desktops, for which you will get a separate monitor and suitable peripherals. In their case, it is recommended to ensure that the monitor has a positioning stand, if possible, the keyboard suits you with its design (low / high keys, their position) and that the mouse fits well in your hand and that the keys were at hand. This is much more important for input peripherals than dpi, ultra-fast query frequencies, or perhaps color backlighting.

The situation with the availability of graphics cards gradually deteriorated during the first quarter, and now modern cards are available on the market, but for completely meaningless amounts. Unfortunately, to this is added the unavailability of any slightly more modern AMD APUs, and in addition, as expected, operational memory modules are becoming more expensive for us. The outlook is not optimistic, so we just have to work with what is available.

Show attractions from previous months

News and interesting events – January and February:

  • AMD Nashira Summit Test: Is It Already RDNA 3?
  • The Intel Xe-HPC appears and looks very interesting
  • Micron launches first 1-alpha DRAM memory
  • NVIDIA stops offering its RTX 3000 Founders Edition in Europe, what’s going on?
  • Digitimes: Intel will become the second largest customer of TSMC, ahead of AMD
  • AMD RDNA 2 uses duty cycle scaling, switching off the core to reduce power consumption
  • The GeForce RTX 3080 20GB has reappeared, this time even in tests
  • The NVIDIA GA106-400 seems to be smaller than the TU116
  • Intel DG1 in tests, why does it fail on benchmarks and not work everywhere?
  • AMD reportedly wants to produce APUs and GPUs at Samsung
  • Alder Lake-P appeared with 14 cores and 20 fibers
  • Mercury Research: Intel has managed to regain part of AMD’s share of desktops
  • GeForce NOW is celebrating its first year, has gained 6 million users and promises gifts
  • The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti could arrive in April with 12GB of memory
  • Intel: The B460 and H410 boards will not be compatible with the 11th generation. The core
  • Zen 4 could offer up to a 29% increase in IPC, but up to a 40% increase in performance
  • Asus has simplified the mounting system for M.2 SSDs and other cards
  • Seller on RTX 3000 card deliveries: bad and worse
  • Cezanne desktop APUs are on the way, will it be number one in the PRO version?
  • NVIDIA should really launch the old RTX 2060
  • GeForce RTX 3060 are not sold yet, but their prices are already rising
  • Ryzen 5000 can now run up to 5 GHz thanks to Clock Tuner for Ryzen (CTR)
  • The Intel Rocket Lake-S should arrive in mid-March
  • The RTX 3000 can now really show the highest GPU temperature, the difference is significant
  • The availability of the Ryzen 5000 CPU is clearly improving and scalar profits are declining
  • Finally a turning point? The RTX 3060 with tested shortened mining is not just about drivers
  • GeForce RTX 3060 are already being sold in the bazaar, mining is still paying off

News and interesting events – December:

Component comments


For a few long years, we could take quad-core processors as mainstream, but that hasn’t been the case for a long time. AMD has brought in Ryzen processors, which already offer eight physical cores as standard, and their maximum is much higher, where even a few years ago there were no HEDT processors. In short, AMD has changed the world of x86 processors, and now Intel is the one who has to catch up with the competition.

At this point, therefore, the generation of processors is current Intel Core “Coffee Lake Refresh” with competition AMD Ryzen 3rd generation. AMD still has an APU on the market with more powerful integrated graphics for playback in reasonable quality.


Manufacturers are only competing for radiators that will have a bigger and more efficient stroke. In the passive part it doesn’t change much, unlike the fan blades, where you’ll come across different protrusions, double profiling and the like, but today it’s not that hot anymore. Processor coolers are no longer an interesting topic due to the fact that the consumption, ie the thermal power of the processor, has not increased much.

However, in recent years, as Intel tries to get the most out of the 14nm process, CPU cooler performance has gained in importance again, and for hi-end desktops (this also applies to AMD) no cooling savings apply.

However, cooling the computer case is now an almost dead topic. In the vast majority of cases, the basic equipment will be sufficient, ie the fans we get for the closet. And if you don’t like it, buy an extra fan.


The rule has always been for RAM: more memory is better, albeit slower. That is, in the case of normal office activities. With the advent of SSDs and integrated graphics chips in processors, this may no longer be the case. If you want to use a graphics chip in the processor, it is good to provide RAM DDR4 had at least 2133 MHz, and on AMD’s most powerful APUs 2400 MHz was no longer enough, and at least 3200 MHz is needed, in short, the faster the better. Ryzen processors can also make very good use of fast memory, and AMD itself recommends the use of the fastest possible modules, but it must be borne in mind that even the fastest modules available are very expensive. However, 3200 MHz can be considered the standard.

In addition, there are SSDs that have enabled significant acceleration of data loading, and less RAM may not be a bigger problem than before. Therefore, its size is debatable today. 8 GB is usually enough for normal office work and today’s games. However, if you need to work on something more demanding, 16 GB is a good foundation. How much fits in a set depends so much on usage.


The trend of the modern age is the strictest design. Proof is the Fractal Design Define R4 cabinet, which became a hit, and its successor Fractal Design Define R6 doesn’t look bad either. Extravagant cabinets mostly belong to play sets, although their popularity is declining here as well, but what is rising again are the glazed sides (here with real glass, not plexiglass). This is because hardware manufacturers have begun to use color LEDs en masse, which today may be connected to almost everything except processors. Small cabinets today are suitable for office sets. You can enjoy a large closet at home and for your workstation, but the office will be mostly empty, which is just unnecessarily used space.

Today it is also no longer a matter of cabinets offering a large number of positions. The trend is before that the position is small, and in the case of 2.5 “, in addition, they are deployed wherever possible. In addition, whoever opts for the M.2 SSD may not need any 2.5” or 3 position , 5 “.

Sound Card

The usual approach today is, “I’m not dealing with it, it’s on the motherboard.” If you’re not a true music connoisseur or you don’t need a special sound card, an integrated one is usually enough. Especially lately, record manufacturers are paying attention to better sound. It usually knows 7.1, has one hundred percent support for the operating system and no longer slows down games. But if you have a better speaker, it would be good to look for a better sound card. It is a pity with the integrated sound card to worsen the speakers with a price of around 6000 CZK. Eg. The Asus Xonar D2X provides a high signal-to-noise ratio, but is no longer as suitable for Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi games. For true connoisseurs, there are embossing cards like the external DAC Audiolab M-DAC and the like.


Some may need a simple keyboard and mouse for 300 CZK, some may not need accessories for 10,000 CZK. You need to figure out what you really need and want for your computer. And invest the most in what you use most often. It is definitely a good idea to invest in quality peripherals and buy a keyboard that will suit you with the layout of the keys and the overall design, while the custom here is really an iron shirt. If you work at night, it is possible to choose a backlit keyboard, whose labels, on the other hand, without backlighting can be difficult to spot and can be annoying at night.

Do you write a lot of text? Then take a look mechanical keyboard, which are usually significantly more expensive, but in turn will provide a much better key response, which will be almost the same for everyone. Many new types of keyboard keys have also appeared on the market in recent years, especially from the Cherry MX, from which you can choose. However, here I warmly recommend that you meet them in person before buying, which will not replace any description, video or review.


As a computer-friendly operating system for games, we recommend modern Windows 10. Investing in an antivirus program seems unnecessary given the features of the system. The era of expensive antivirus programs is over, and if you use common sense and don’t click headlong on all the links you see, expensive antivirus no longer has much justification, and of course the system itself has its constantly updated antivirus protection.

Other software is already your choice. If you only need basic document writing, you probably don’t need a big package Microsoft Officebut maybe that’s enough Free office (former Open Office), despite its bulkiness in control. You can also often hear that Photoshop is the right thing for photo editing. Yes, that is usually true. But is that right for you too? When choosing accessories, it is not enough to find out if they do not deliver e.g. Photoshop Elements as a bonus? Eg. if you buy a graphics tablet, Photoshop Elements may already be included. There are also free variants of the type Gimp whose Both .NET. Although they provide some revolutionary control (Gimp) or insufficient functionality (Paint .NET), these complaints are valid from the point of view of professionals. If you need to edit two images once a week, a free version may be enough.

It is also good to consider cataloging photos. Almost every family already has at least 1 digital camera, and even they throw out cell phones. Again, there are paid programs in the style of Adobe Lightroom, but that’s enough for normal use (and sometimes it’s better, in addition, it’s in Czech) Zoner Photo Studio,, which offers a lot for its price.

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