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REVIEW: Mt's a lot gone, Berlusconi. Sell, hr and clown

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Stay in the water with the enchanted sheep, so the hunter hits Boe, that's fucking, it's just Sorrentino! And repeat him to go many times, you snatch them. They do not go so much like a thigh jin dla; two other versions.

Pesto has a lot of thoughts on enjoying poetry, especially since he, as Berlusconi says, comes to the scene. What a bohuel trv.

After the first fifteen minutes, fresh, fresh life in the district, cocktail parties, striptease, cocaine, and bargaining with sex accounts, friendly provinces and cities related to the vision as they go to the center,

The picture of the evolutionary figure is visible, but many times it is seen and abundant, and in the decadence collection of cynical tpk, torn trunks and high dt indicate that they are capable only of me, but in the same way as he, if not the mountains, and vice versa, Berlusconijevo wine has become a pattern of suspicious mood. Political aircraft are characterized by the slogans of democrats with whom we are just excited, and we have a lot of what is, rough showing cravings, which in the same way loses a lot.

And in the mood, when such a party is trying to see it in the eyes of its counselor. So Servillo is approaching, and the film turns on, and just like Grandpa grandchildren in the art of manipulation.

They and Silvio

Itlie / France, 2018, 150 min

Rei: Paolo Sorrentino

SCN: .

Game: Toni Servillo. Elena Sofia Ricci. Riccardo Scamarcio. Kasia Smutniak. Ricky Memphis. Roberto De Francesco. Fabrizio Bentivoglio. Eurydice Axen. Anna Bonaiuto. Giovanni Esposito. Yann Gael. Caroline Tillette. Iaia Forte. Michela Cescon. Roberto Herlitzka

Evaluation: 70 %

The actor introduced another Italian politician, Prime Minister Andreotta, to Sorrento's House of God, but at least not repeating. How's his Berlusconi? Seventy and smelling the impression of a young man who wants to seek power. It is a pleasure to go and go physically, when outside the game, you always learn the slogan, but have the gift of personality, clown and play, Baron Pril, the master of operatic gestures and the cunning human benefactor. You're just a beer, it's made by the Moon, it's also a dead, sometimes a bag in the same creative with words that I sell a dream, the life of my life on the phone lonely to buy an apartment. As if invoking in the magical teeth of its stations, he cast bonuses Lewis's vision on the cross, but was it an anecdote of the kind of difference between them? Kesance is poverty, communism does.

land as a job

Misty by the movie series is listening, and because of the sophistication and because of all the details is everything, nothing is great. Respect it in honest satire. Only a manelka and a young man who Berlusconi gradually develops morally, like a melodramatic world, and magnanimous loneliness are not the most obvious.

However, the name of a local girl enjoys Berlucon's sigh, associated with another politician: Do not let the country like my business?

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