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Review of Criticism Critical Criticism by Jan Hřebejk Rédl, broadcast by Czech Television

Several days before the Czechoslovak vaccination in two states, the trains pass through it ammunition, weapons and heavy military equipment. They dare to know what Soviet occupiers have left in the former eastern bloc countries.

Similarly heavy load is the entire four-speed cruiser Rédl by Jan Hřebejke, whose first part is broadcast by Czech television tonight. It starts with a freight wagon.

With the endurance and inertness of the train ride, the series is absorbed into a world of brightness and old losers with ambition greater than solving the case. Young scriptwriter Miro Chifra puts the story in the unusual mid-nineties when the time barely ended and the other failed to start. At this moment it speaks not only about the division of land but about the dissolution of values.

Start is slow and breathless. And literally. The main character, Roman Rédl, is a military prosecutor with the history of paratroopers. The paper is a rough man. However, Ondrej Sokol initially launches unwanted smiles. For example, when Rédl works in a scene on the streets of Prague, it seems that a stunt is needed. This is not really a man with fitness and training.

At first, it seems to be a little overwhelming, as when Horebek took Sokol into the leading role of the first part of his Gardening Trilogy. But as Rédl gets deeper into the strange case he has met, Sokol's character and the whole project are even more reliable.

From the case of the vanishing neighbor of Rhodes's house there is an unusual crime that does not end with the murder. This is just a minor event. And that will not be the only violent act. Rédl asks why two "maths" of minors who have designed a tracer tracking system can be truncated in the mafia. And this private company, in turn, is beginning to thrill in many people.

Perhaps Mr Rédlov, who takes care of how his subordinate prosecutor, instead of an important case of the last General Chief of General Staff Ferenc, charges inter alia the destruction of StB's documents, solves the secret of the two subdiploms. The man waiting for the court to extend his relationship has a real prediction in Alojz Lorenc. He was Deputy Minister of Interior of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the second half of the eighties, and he conducted anti-intelligence activities throughout Czechoslovakia.

Rédl will bring many unprofessional decisions. And one of the first to leave General Ferenc, to be investigated, to help in his private search, throws him into a game that goes beyond some local gangster raids.

The Rédl series sank into the lamps of jacket jackets and old spoilers.

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Like the red captain, the red captain, whose screenplay by Miro Code also participated, Rédl points to the environment of the early 1990s as a world where there is no clear value. As a time when new structures are formed on the background of the old, and there is no harsh border between the communist past and a better democratic tomorrow.

In the role of bad men, first of all, there are two peasants who look like mussels in the mood of Martin Hoffman and David Novotny. Both of their roles are played with a bang, but their hardcore on the first scribbles. And they act like characters who are wandering somewhere else.

Soon, the audience will start to remember. In the third part, Novotny will show the effects of Soviet opium gas on a cow without stealing. Then he removes a piece of beef from the dead body and offers a piece of red-brown meat wrapped in cow-like slurry as a bonus if a colleague buys a killer. It was as if a steak of stewed strawberries symbolized the time when it was necessary to wander anywhere, and luck was not ready, but rather those who did not have any obstacles. It's not conscience.

In addition, similar scenes act as an impressive life-enhancing criminal offense. Director Hřebejk will screen a dark and not too pathetic atmosphere. A world in which there is a constant smell of odd weavers.

On the other side, ice-scrub. The story sometimes works modestly, sometimes character can not rely on their decision. And when it comes to more effective scenes, it's overwhelmed or lazy.

Anyway, Rédl is a project that can keep the attention of the detective surface. In addition, it does not borrow from abroad, as it is in domestic criminal production, but builds on a strong local theme. This is the main ethical and social theme. The story of a man who was at the same time in the middle of a network of relationships from which he could not come out with a clean shield. And that's the story of the time that allowed such a thing – it was not just euphoric but very problematic.


Director: Jan Hřebejk
The first part will be the premier on ČT1 this Sunday, November 11 at 20:25.

The sense of moral slumber with which – hidden behind the smile and sandwich – great players play new battles with new releases, will survive the end of the series.

This detective can not finish by solving the case. It's just how bad it is for anyone who finishes. And as already said, the train sometimes squeezes, but is constantly moving to the goal.

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