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The damage after the fire in the trampoline center is 20 million –

Firefighters fired on Friday after 20:00. [celá zpráva] The building on the surface of 30×50 meters had hit the fire in its entirety. Then a part of the roof of the hall collapsed, where the foam and equipment of the sports center were burned. A heavy smoke rose from a burning building. On the spot there were 80 firefighters.

Fire chemists from Prague and Laboratories from Kamenica measured concentrations of hazardous substances in the air, and the result was negative. Commander of the intervention called Red Cross of the Red Cross, which provided the background for firefighters of the interceptor. Residents in the neighborhood of the police have recommended limiting the ventilation of their apartments.

Approximately 90 minutes after the fire broke out, the flame continued to develop, but the southern shield of the hall was in danger. "After assessing the state of the wall at 00:50 hours, it was decided that the ruins are now risky and statics will decide on the next state solution in the coming days," said Kavka.

We want to explain the sudden closure of our sports hall – in spring we contacted the factory owner …

Posted by Freestyle Kolbenka on Monday, October 22, 2018

The center of Freestyle Kolbenka was in the lobby until October. The center at the end of October on Facebook to close the hall said that the owner of the hall in the spring asked for a sharp shortening of the lease. By the center, the owner of the hall wanted to collapse and build more lucrative real estate on the spot.

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