Friday , April 16 2021

The disease tax is dead: Bara Basikova has collapsed and is taking antidepressants

Last year, singer Bára Basiková drew attention to herself not only by participating in the show Your Face Has a Famous Voice, but also with her sharp views on the coronavirus. The situation regarding the epidemic has plagued her to this day, and the singer admitted that she was helped by antidepressants in difficult times. In her free time, however, she started helping others …

The coronavirus epidemic is still in full swing and seems to have no end. The most debated disease has affected everyone’s lives. Some lost their jobs, others lost their loved ones. However, this is a very challenging period even for those who are not directly affected by covid-19. Especially mentally.

The guest of the last episode of the show Jan Kraus is also the singer Bára Basiková, who drew attention to herself last year after a long time not only by participating in the show Your face has a familiar voice, but also with her statements directed at the coronavirus. “I’m sorry, but at first I’ll be rude. I have to be rude. It can’t be otherwise !!! I’ll be rude and done. Fuck everyone who bothers with the coronavirus and the crazy news about it, shit !!! le !!!” she wrote on social media a few months ago, and later criticized the ban on singing.

He will not be vaccinated

Shortly after her statements about the coronavirus, in which, according to many, the disease is diminished, the disease itself spread through the Internet. Fortunately, the course of the disease was very mild. Regarding the fact that she could be re-infected, even with one of the coronavirus mutations, the question arises as to whether she could be vaccinated. “I collapsed and lost my job. My friends also died, but the dead are a tax on the disease, they can’t be vaccinated “, according to the server, Basikova was heard in the new episode of the show Jan Kraus.

At the same time, she referred to her earlier statements about the coronavirus, which, she said, was often taken out of context and thus seemed completely different from what she intended. “And I came out of it like a complete cow,” Basikova complained.

Antidepressants, books and helping others

The coronavirus epidemic affects the psyche of almost everyone. The only exception is Bára Basiková, who has been openly rumored to be taking antidepressants. “I think their consumption has definitely increased significantly since last spring,” she said, adding that she’s certainly not the only one helping with the pills. But, as she added, she is mostly happy in life.

“I have a place to live, I have a place to sleep, I also have food, I’ve been playing with the cards I get my whole life. And everyone should probably do it. As my friend Petr Muk said, whether you’re down or up, don’t worry about of that, ”she said honestly.

In various ways, Basikova fulfills the long moments that the singer created as a result of canceled concerts and performances. For example, she confided that she worked on writing a book, and elsewhere she helped in an orphanage. “I wipe the floor, tidy up the dishes after lunch, tidy up the beds, then we play, we sing them songs,” said Basikova, who keeps everything in the orphanage, but admitted it was more about relaxation.

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