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The executive has robbed hundreds of customers of millions! "Managerial failure," he says

According to the prosecutor, Bělast's former lawyer and bailiff took over three hundred clients. He cheated on both sides – deprived of money from companies, banks, cities and municipalities, the ministry, but also heirs or dependent children. Someone a few crowns, another two million. The total damage eventually climbed to more than ten million.

"Something has been invented. What has been said here is absolutely incredible," he replied earlier, who denied everything from the beginning, suggesting that others had made money. Especially his colleagues, to whom he transferred some of his powers for health reasons.

But in the end, they became his colleagues who reported his practice to the police. "I say it was a managerial failure. I can't say anything more. If you find out my assets, you will be amazed," Bělasta said.

The bailiff threatened twelve years in prison, but the courts have forgiven many. "This decision can be considered appropriate evidence," advocates Rastislav Vlcek.

"As far as the six-year prison sentence is concerned, it is quite mild given the damage caused and the time of the crime," Stanislav Cik, a spokesman for the Olomouc High Court, disagreed. He has committed particularly serious crimes of embezzlement and abuse of power for at least eight years.

A very similar case happened recently at the other end of Silesia. Bailiff Juraj Polak of Czech Tesin was also expected to deprive clients of more than ten million. His machinations, however, caught the attention of the Executive Chamber. Polák's office, like Bělastův's, ended in the fall of 2015.

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