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The former president of Slušovica JZD František Čuba died

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Prague – The 83rd anniversary of the death of former Senator for Rights of Citizens (SPO) František Čuba. His name is mainly related to the former JZD Slušovice, which under his leadership in the time of totalitarianism turned into an unusually successful cooperative. He created a kind of "state in the state" with his own rules ruled by the ruling communists. Cuba also entered the subconscious of the public because of its close ties with President Milos Zeman, who in 2013 awarded him a medal for merit. According to many, Čuba was an expert and had a significant influence on the appearance of Slušovica.

Chubac died on Friday, said, Cubov's death was confirmed by his close associate and former SPO President Jan Veleb. He described Chuba as a personality known to farmers all over the world. JZD Slušovice with the nickname "Slušovic's cuddle", according to his words, will be built anywhere except in socialism.

According to ČTK, Čuba should have a funeral on 3 July at 15:30 in Slušovic. The funeral will be in the church.

Chubac was the head of JZD Slušovica from 1963 to August 1990 and was able to take full advantage of all the possibilities that he had provided with the legislation in question and with the help of links with some members of the political nomenclature, he built a consortium in numerous areas of monopoly position on the Czechoslovakian market. According to some former employees, co-operation with the Communist government has helped him to do so, for example, a former dissident and later head of the Stanislav Devátý Security Service. And director Robert Sedlácek, who recorded a documentary about Cube and his company in 1999, admitted that Cuba, if he wants to do a great job, has to settle politics. However, according to him, his diligence has built the so-called. A miracle of hearing. At the same time, he gave people decent wages and responsibilities for the job he was doing, and he was loyal to those he trusted.

Slušovica Mayor Petr Hradecký (KDU-ČSL) recognizes an irreversible influence on the form of the hearing. According to him, agrokombinate in its time significantly increased the standard of living for people from the city and its surroundings. For example, a jungle with a huge barrel-shaped restaurant, a former football stadium or four-lane Zlatina road, the so-called Gorbachev, reminds of its action.

The fact that the people of Chuby were respected in the Zlin region was confirmed by the vice-president of the Senate Milan Stech (CSSD), who was head of the upper house when Chuba was a senator. According to him, Chuba was in his time a man who gave some direction that could have a chance to succeed. "But as it turned out later, it may have been just a skillfully crafted background in the past regime," Stech added.

According to Zeman's spokeswoman Jiří Ovčáček, the name of Cub will be forever linked to a business wonder, visionary, and great courage. SPO President Zemanovci Lubomir Necas, who has been working with Chub in the Zlin region for several years now, is experiencing it not only in the business sphere.

Čuba was elected to the upper parliamentary home in October 2014 for the Zlín district election. However, due to health problems, he has long been absent from the Senate, and later became a critic because he received a long salary, including a fee, or about 122,000 kronor per month. He resigned his mandate in February 2018. In 2013 he became president of agriculture and economy.





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