Saturday , June 19 2021

The mortgage rises in June

In June of the year, rates on
mortgages have risen again and amounted to 2.66 percent. Jem

mortgages and volumes did not fall sharply. First, the opposite. People are in June
have been hypothesized in the highest books for the past 11 MSKs.

During the year he drank for hypotension
to 10,590 customers, which is 1,437 more than missed MSPs. The client is a poet
most of June 2017. At the same time, volumes,
in June and at 24.284 billion CZK. That's about 3, 479
billions more than in Mr. Quantities were the last November 2017

Processing pretty much the last time before
The validity of the NB's recommended credit rating has led to a record in January
volume of negotiating hypotension incl. He put the hypothetical opt on the market
affected NB. It is also not excluded to go on a journey this year
rates, which is a major factor

to the question whether the main bid prices fell by as much as 3%
He said
Josef Rajdl, chief analyst at Fincentrum.

Hypothesis regulation is a hypotension
did not pick up

Reducing the volume and sweating of the hypothetical hypothesis grows and ends
years. In June, the bank completed unsuccessful stores
close, or before the arrest of the Czech National Bank. I enjoy
hypotension is likely to decrease in the last months of the year, and that
and bait.

NB again raise prices, banks grow

In November, NB Bank won a two-week repo rate (2T repo rate) for 25 basis points per
1.75%. Souas NB decided for an outstanding Lombard rate at 2.75% and discounted
rates at 0.75%. So, esk spoitelna immediately answered and raised St.
hypotky. The banks followed her. For example, the Hypoten Bank was rehabilitated
Clear the mortgage. Mortgage year with fixac for 5, 7 and 10 years of bank
she grew about two-tenths. Hypoten Bank has its mortgage to fix it on one
years and LTV up to 90%.

Governor of the National Bank of Russia Ji Rusnok recently said that NB
she will try to get the progress of mortgage regulation into law.
The main reason is unequal market conditions that need to be consolidated.

During the year, you know
the hypothetical market compares the deposits with the financial hypothesis of banks
years with clients. Similar situation in esk
The Republic has not been the last ten years. In June, the money is cheating
of domestic promises fell to the historical minimum. Hypoten vry
so it will probably continue to grow.

HYPOINDEX values ​​of hip-hop trends in. It's been through the years
the rate at which a new hypothesis is given in a given calendar month
for physical persons. The weights are the quantities it provides. Data entry
to vpoty provide this bank: esk spoitelna, SOB, Equa Bank, GE Money
Bank, Hypoten Bank, Komerční banka, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank, Sberbank
CZ and Wstenrot Hypothesis Bank.


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