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The old Man and the Sea. Karel Gott was surprised by the fans, so he looks!

Karel Gott enjoys vacationing on the Italian island of Sardinia, so he decided to show him how to go to bed. The legendary singer today was surprised by photo enthusiasts, showing how she looks now.

Earlier this week it became clear that Karel Gott traveled abroad only one day after the birthday celebration. At a party at the theater In Jezerce he and his friend, entrepreneur Leon Tsoukernik, set the last details of the trip. Indeed, Tsoukernik allegedly provided a private plane on the way to the sea.

Only on Thursday night, Sardinia, Italy, has become her destination not only for relaxation, but also for work. He has released another photo today that he added with the label "Starac i more". So he called for the title of a famous work by American writer Ernest Hemingway.

The Italian island is also the author of Gott's own self. The legendary singer completes an autobiographical book that – I hope – does not seem so badly blooded as a "made" publication in which Gott's lives are told by his friends.

"I greet you from Sardinia, where I went to think and remember the debris of my life to please you with my great autobiographical book," wrote Gott on a triple-image notebook with a notebook released on Thursday.

Gott also prepares a feature documentary for documentary Olga Špátová and cameraman Jan Malíř. As part of the recording, the Master also went to Germany where it is also very popular.

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