Wednesday , June 23 2021

The SSD asks for the final for Babie. Be the departure of the premier, or the minister resigns home

PRAGUE The clock SSD drive increases. An influential reaction to the organization was voted for a resolution calling for confirmation of the problem of Prime Minister Andrey Babie (ANO). Babies will leave the post of prime minister, and the Justice Department will take over SSD, or the ministers will resign from Socil's democracy.

the organization and ambassador of the party is Miroslav Poche, and the president dismissed as a deputy minister of foreign affairs. Significantly, therefore, is the strength of the SSD. According to the LN, with similar resolutions, regional organizations come and even party experts do not dare to guess how it will come out. And it will be long, or against, it will be very tsn, said LN source.

Clown to appear

When the Democratic Democrat decides whether to break through a criminal storm adventure, he is deceiving the organization into the three largest support region. About a year later, it was a hive from the capital, which led to this week's Babi ending up as Prime Minister, and YES, the Democratic Democrats or SSL Justice Ministry left behind.

Men are in the center of the bar. Is Anda Babi And Orange? Is there any exit from the village where Babi remains prime minister, and will be replaced by SPD-tolerant Tomio Okamura?

During the political crisis, the secretary rewarded his son for a television list, where he said his father wanted to disappear for cause and hunt, to the Russian occupier, the man of psychiatry, to Crimea. The son is the same as the father charged with the cause and the flock.

Lost in opposition

The official from these pages is the only president and club of parliamentary scratch, the party has agreed that the speaker will be Jan Hamek. We did not go to the village to solve the problems of Andrei Babi, but the cause of the war is very heavy. Ideln eenm would be a Slovakian model, which means the current plan and premier change, but moving YES to refuse it so far, he told the boys that the meetings were not over, inside the party or with Dad.

Certainly, when voting mid-Middle SSD, party leadership was recommended to the club. This should also be paid if the Social Democrats decide to vote for a vote of non-respect, so the party does not have to send a negative vote to their own people.

According to LN, the atmosphere in the SSD is very unstable and unstable, no one dares to estimate how soon the presidency will be. The party does not want much to oppose many, where she threatens to agree her colleagues with the edges of the resolution. Especially when Babi has adopted a great program program, he will continue it because it will be communist tolerant data, even if it does not. KSM refused to believe it had not yet arrived.

Democrats who were social democrats were forced to change their lives under the suspicion of Pbh, who were forced to ban Babie and contribute to disagreement with the oeuvre society. The Median Median Survey since the end of last week taught that it was divided over 70% of respondents, but about 60% of people said it was recognized to improve the economy and economy. In a similar dilemma, SSDs, oranges, agree that they can not afford the mistake in the current state of insecurity. How good are you, but with virginity?

You can not just change the premiere

Even the ministers, their burdens have decided to be a fact, are not about whether it has been explained to Prime Minister Babie Sta so far. I think it's embarrassing to bury the government, and it would take a long time. Most likely, the Slovak model would, if Mr Premir resigned, solve his problems and then shed it, said Jan Malov, the minister of the ministry. On the contrary, Miroslav Toman, Minister of Agriculture, said that Babi had nothing to do with the way he was and would have to overthrow a coalition that had consequences.

The application of this Slovak model by politicians means that it would be worthwhile to replace the president of the country and otherwise continue the assemblies as it is now, but the constraints. This is the constitution of a strict law, because the death of the prime minister means the end of the House, but the same result would be that the House of Representatives pronounced a government with the strength of at least one deputy.

The prime minister is only replacing the former deputy prime minister by the present contribution, but if agreed, it is not a problem to form a relatively fast wave on the same floor, Vera Hamek added. That's what a mistake is, business. Dad insists he will be Prime Minister, Zeman insists that Babi will be prime minister and move YES flat. As long as it does not seem like one of the supervised actors wants to change the node in that sense, the SSD basically decides whether or not to do so with or without it.

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