Sunday , April 11 2021

The strong man Krampol was knocked down by a covid vaccine. The actor ended up in the hospital

The 82-year-old actor was vaccinated against the coronavirus. Although the first vaccination was without any complications, problems occurred with the second dose. Side effects manifested themselves and Krampol had to be hospitalized in Prague’s Na Františku hospital.

“I had the first dose without any problems and I didn’t notice anything, after the second vaccination I got sick. My temperature rose and I felt sick,” popular actor Krampol told the portal.

He later also underwent tests for coronavirus for fear that doctors would infect him. “They did tests on me. But nothing like that was confirmed. It was a reaction to the vaccine,” Krampol added. He spent two days in the hospital.

However, he still does not lose optimism in these difficult times and tries to look forward to small things. “I try to do what I do with gusto. When it’s free and it works, I go to nature. I feel good, I’ve even started exercising,” he concluded.

The wife of actor Jiří Krampol Han has died. Learn more in the following report:

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