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The Uruguayan footballers survived the Uruguay attack and succeeded in penalties

Footballers from Peru have added Copy América to the semifinals. In the quarterfinals, they survived the fifteen-winner's attack in South Uruguay and shot them out after the shooting. The final will be against the Chilean champions championship.

Favorite Uruguayans have scored a goal since the beginning, but Cavani twice succeeded after the opening of Suárez. The PSG attacker first sent the rejected ball high above the bar of the detected goal, and then his goalkeeper Gallese defeated his solo. Meanwhile, De Arrascaet's shot was not in the offensive of Nandez.

After the change in the side, the Peruvian goal overtook Godin and Uruguay scored for Cavani and Suarez for the video. On the other hand, Peruvian players did not return to Muslera for 90 minutes, they were all deactivated.

The penalty shootout started with the failure of Suárez, Barcelona striker hit only the goalkeeper who fell. Then both gunners tried in vain, nine other archers did not hesitate, and the unexpected Peruvian process was sealed by Flores.

Thus, only Argentina managed to score in the Coppa America quarter-finals, defeating Venezuela 2: 0. Also, both of the remaining matches were scored without a goal, while Chileans and home-born Brazilians deserved the penalty shoot-out.

Copa América, South American Football Championship in Brazil:


Uruguay – Peru 0: 0, pencil. 4: 5

The sentence was changed: Cavani, Stuani, Bentancur, Torreira – Guerrero, Ruidíaz, Yotún, Advíncula, Flores. He did not change the sentence: Suárez.

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