Friday , June 18 2021

They met over lunch. Darida suffered in front of the television, Balea will be served alone, FAČR

You came back with the team, but how did you spend the weekend after returning to Germany?

After the match I had a trot with a fitness trainer and regeneration. Then I trained individually with a small group and had three more workouts. I was pretty nervous on TV, as in every match I couldn’t play. I think the guys played a very decent game with Belgium. Lukáš Provod crowned the team’s performance with a beautiful goal.

What is the return to the team together with teammates Schick, Pavlenko and Kadeřábek?

I flew out of Berlin first, the others joined me in Cologne and we landed in Cardiff almost at the same time as the rest of the team. We then joined the others at the hotel. As before, we found ourselves together for lunch.

We will defend Bale, Wales to Tomáš Souček, says Jaroslav Šilhavý, FAČR

The four points for introducing the group are a decent contribution …

We would definitely like to score in Wales as well. In case of victory, we would record a perfect entry into the qualifiers and we will do our best for that.

We clearly insisted that Ondra Kúdela ride with us, says coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, FAČR

What do you expect from an island opponent?

Wales is a headquarters that is very well organized and has fast players in front. They have good and standard situations, so we have to be careful in everything. I believe that if we continue to perform and play in the team, we will have an advantage.

The Welsh are thinking about how to neutralize Soucek. How are you going to Star Bale?

We cannot focus on the one that a few of ours would interfere with. We will want to play in the team again. It always depends on what space it is moving in. We have to follow that.

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