Saturday , February 27 2021

Vettel summoned commissioners (updated)

The German driver drove in his car under different conditions during the second qualifying round on the boxes to overcome the soft soft tires. On a difficult combination, he wanted to use Kimi Räikkönen to move to the final round and gain advantage in the first part of the race.

But immediately at the entrance to the carriage box, the check-outs commissioned him. Before that, the tire, which Vettel pushed from the front wing, showed that he was trying to clean it, he was at that time. The engine ran and, with gradual shift, tried to speed up this action, while the FIA ​​representative stood in front of the car.

Technical delegate of the FIA Jo Bauer according to Autosport, the situation was summed up by Vettel "refused to turn off the engine" and the car was pushed to the scooter with a moving engine, which is "complicated to ensure a stable result", Vettel continued to show his dissatisfaction, blocking another FIA employee. The Ferrari pilot came out of self-help scales, which was according to Bauer "Ruined".

"Since the rider did not follow the instructions and continued to discontinue the weighing procedure, I will pass it on to the commissioners for consideration" said Bauer. Sebastian Vettel was then summoned to the carpet before the race committee because he allegedly violated the rules of sports referred to in Article 29.1a (i) (need to disengage engines during weighing) and 12.1.1.i (non-compliance with relevant officers' instructions for safe and orderly execution of the action).

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In the final qualifying minutes, everything is very tight | photo: Scuderia Ferrari

After finishing the qualification in which Vettele achieved a strategic tire choice at the start of the race and finally finished behind Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari did not want to express too much about the event.

"I think it's better not to say anything!" He said Sebastian Vettel. "They should not call us when the conditions change, I think it is unfair when someone calls, I wanted to speed them up."

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