Sunday , March 7 2021

We count on a slowdown in the economy, said the head of the Czech subsidiary Intersnack

What will be the economic results for this year, will you repeat the success of last year? By 2017 you managed to earn 64 million euros before tax.

We expect revenue to grow between seven and nine percent. In terms of profit, it's hard to say. It's difficult to repeat the last year's result, but we will definitely get a profit.

The prices are now in potatoes and chips that are different from the past years. We had to respond to Lay's aggressive price policyPepsiCo brand – notes. red.).

What do you mean?

When they started potatoes, they were at the same price level. Then, there was a significant reduction, and we decided to adjust the Layer level level.

How do you recognize the connection between this brand and your main competitor PepsiCo with Karlovy Vary mineral water?

The company will be bigger and stronger. I think Carlsbad's mineral water will help because they lack a drink on the wheels. What will affect the competitive battle is hard to say at this time. Maybe politics (PepsiCo – note. red.) will be even more aggressive or vice versa.

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Are you afraid of that?

I admit I have no short-term concerns in the long run. When the two companies join, there is always friction there, so we try to use that friction.

Did you mention that next year do not count on growth as this year, can you disclose information?

I think the economy will slow down and partly affect consumers in spending. Influence can also be on our side. (The manufacturer will increase the range from five to seven percent of next year – note red. But I think the category of salty snacks will mostly grow.

So what are the estimates next year?

We plan to grow about seven percent in our plans.

Do not your clients hate the so-called. Healthy trends in the past years?

Surprisingly, they do not. However, this category that interests us in other countries also plays an important role in Intersnack. In the second half of next year, we will introduce new developments in this area.

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