Tuesday , January 26 2021

What did the idiot do? Verstappen was upset. Short of his opponent was a triumph, and he went to him


Verstappen arrived in the fourth quarter ahead of Hamilton and seemed to win a faster car. But his plans defeated Ocono of Force India, which instead of allowing Verstappen to pass through the duel, was brought in a duel.

Pilot Red Bull was clocked and dropped to second place with a five-second loss at Hamilton. Verstappen then managed to pull the opponent with a damaged car but eventually finished 1.5 seconds behind the winner. Ocon got a ten-second sentence in the case.

Verstappen was still on track to show Ocon's agent, and after the race he started crashing with him in the warehouse and pushed him several times.

"Today we've done all that's fine, and then the idiot will come out and take us when the bicycle comes back," Verstappen said. "He was punished for that, so he was clear who was wrong, he was punished for not winning, but maybe fifteen years old we can laugh …" he added.

"What Ocon thought he was doing? Of course, their car is straight forward, but why it races with a leading driver when there is no speed, plus he is behind him and knocked him in," said Red Bull Christian Horner,

Ocon, like the Force India leadership, was convinced he had done nothing wrong. "I left two rounds behind him and in both of them I was a little faster than him, and because I can go back to the race, though I'm back, I did," Ocon said.

"Max's behavior after the race surprised me and even had to hit the International Automobile Federation (FIA), pushed me and wanted to hit me, this is definitely no professional behavior," the French pilot did not understand.

"We're all confused in the sport, and it would be odd to shake hands," Verstappen said. "I do not care what people think of me now, I'm a winner and if you're ready to win and you still have a stupid conversation, I just do not like it," he said stiffly.

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