Thursday , February 25 2021

You embarrassed Meghan’s definitive queen? Harry met his father-in-law Thomas for the first time in court

According to the Sunday Times, Duchess leader Meghan is preparing for a judge by asking the case to end in her favor with a shortened verdict. And not to give witnesses, because that’s the rest.

According to the first, it has been proven that publishers have published the trap of correspondence between Meghan and Thomas Mark in her private life.

Let us remember that the Duchess did her father a great deal of guilt for not coming to the wedding. He soon suffered a heart attack and was not long recommended for his long flight from the US to Britain.

If the judge agrees first, there will be peace. If he doesn’t, he goes to go to a tailcoat and a circus, his members of the royal family, according to the source, are afraid.

Meghan by pr

Harry and Meghan

According to the Sunday Times, a few Buckingham thumbs can be expected to remain. Some of Harry and Meghan’s former subjects are preparing for the top.

It would reveal the inner workings of the thumb, it would be deeply inconvenient for the whole royal family, hard drive.

The only notion, however, is that in such a case Thomas Markle would meet Meghan and Harry in court. So she cut off contact with her daughter immediately after the wedding and the son-in-law she would see for the first time.

It would be an incredibly embarrassing and delicate event for all the guards, who, on the contrary, would be watched with zeal by people from all over the world. It is true that at two o’clock Thomas Markle announced that he and his daughter would see each other again, even if he should be in court first.

Markle has become a key defense witness for the record label, so he stands directly against his daughter and her wife.

However, Prince Harry is clearly willing to fight for his wife at any cost, including the cost of a defiled royal family uprising in the elderly with a beloved grandmother.

I lost my mother and now I’m watching my wife become the same powerful force, Harry announced to the newspaper when he announced in June 2019 that his wife had joined the Associated Newspapers fora ruthless camp.

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