Wednesday , November 25 2020

10 hidden health risks for fast weight loss … know them

Some people think that monitoring systems and methods that contribute to rapid weight loss is a good thing, and what many overlook is that it involves many of the health risks discussed by fitness and sports nutrition expert Moataz Al-Qabai, according to Sada Al-Balad.

The doctor explained that many girls and boys are seduced by following diet regimens that count pounds over a period of time and commercial ads that promise them to lose weight in a short period of time.

When it comes to rapid weight loss methods, many people make unhealthy choices and follow a useless diet, including:

1- Surgical operations, including conversion procedures, sleeves and liposuction.

2- Weight loss drugs and fat burners.

3- Strict diets, such as chemical regimens, keto and water diet.

The doctor pointed out that although all of the above systems have effective results in effective weight loss, they all leave the body with large losses and cause serious health risks that are difficult to address later.

1- Relaxed skin.

2- A rapid drop in visceral fat can lead to serious health problems such as kidney failure.

3- Anemia due to lack of important nutrients in strict diets.

4- Health problems due to the use of fat burners, especially those that contain a high percentage of caffeine, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

5- Infection with psychological and neurological diseases such as depression, as a result of the use of fat burners, which affect the centers of satiety in the brain and block appetite.

6- Infection due to the use of weight loss hormones.

7 – Infection with colon and stomach cancer due to the use of weight loss tea that acts on injuries and chronic diarrhea, as well as on the loss of important vitamins and nutrients.

8- Fat-soluble vitamin A & D & E & K deficiency infection due to the use of fat burners that act to reduce the fat ingested in the meal.

9- Osteoporosis and premature aging due to weight loss surgery.

10- Return of lost weight after cessation of dieting due to deprivation, resulting in excessive enjoyment of forbidden foods and multiple increase in lost weight.

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