Sunday , April 11 2021

A warning about the spread of sweets on the market is detrimental to children’s health

Some parents believe that sweets widespread on the streets and at street vendors turn into healthy food after being turned into packaged goods of a known source, but unfortunately this does not apply to all types of sweets that children eat, especially cotton sweets that have recently been expanded, packed with images of packaging rich in industrial colors.

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Dr. Marwan Salem, a clinical nutritionist, said candy is by all standards a health disaster, and its danger is not limited to containing large amounts of sugar like other sweets. Instead, very dangerous industrial paints are charged on the body.
In an exclusive news interview with “Now Al Balad”, Marwan added that when a child eats a cotton candy, you will notice that your tongue has changed color. This confirms how quickly the body is affected by harmful substances in it.

“Marawan” explained that cotton candy, rich in industrial dyes, harms the health of many of a child’s internal body systems, such as the liver and kidneys, and is one of the natural vital factories that plays a very big role in maintaining human health and flushing out toxins.

He noted that what confirms the validity of this statement: The color of urine also quickly turned to lilac, indicating the passage of harmful substances present in cotton candy into a large number of body systems, which threatens the child with many diseases in the case of many of these sweets.

He pointed out that some industrial sweets for children can replace other types that are less dangerous to health, such as chocolate, because they are less harmful than spinning girls and moving away from taste and color, explaining that the real danger lies in artificial colors used in spinning girl more than sugar and other materials. In all cases, the amounts given to children should be very small.

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