Tuesday , March 2 2021

Archaeological site of Abu Mine removed from the list of "endangered"

In order for the archaeological site Abu Mina to return to its place in the list of world heritage and removed from the list of endangered heritage sites, a coordination meeting was held at the UNESCO office in Cairo yesterday to discuss the latest actions and measures that the Ministry of Antiquity has protected to protected. Gamal Mustafa, Chief of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish Archaeological Sector, and representatives of the Ministries of the Environment, Higher Education, Foreign Affairs, FAO, numerous architects, water, irrigation and agriculture specialists, Abu Mina Monastery and UNESCO Head of Cairo.

He said Mr. Mustafa said he was working on raising Abyaara's ability to collect water under the surface and equip it to install 170 water pumping pumps in coordination with various ministries dealing with agriculture, irrigation and higher education.

The meeting resulted in urgent recommendations for surface water stabilization, which is the biggest threat to the site, and the Irrigation Ministry needs to control and change the irrigation system around the farmland to reduce leakage from the archaeological site.

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