Tuesday , March 9 2021

Before you get surprised … Mark that you have a problem in the liver

At an earlier age, the body's organs can be damaged and die over time, the liver is one of the most prominent organs in the body that is hit and exposed to diseases leading to liver failure, and in some cases the young are exposed to liver failure and discover it only after many years and at very late stages.

So the seventh day is some signs that show you have liver defect and tips to avoid it, according to the website Mayo Clinic

Signs of liver failure

Liver symptoms
Liver symptoms

1: Tired and tired.

2: Frequent bruising.

3: Skeletal skin.

4: Yellow color of skin and eyes.

5: Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.

6: Continuous bleeding.

7: itchy skin.

8: Severe loss of appetite.

9: Nausea and vomiting.

10: swelling of the leg.

11: A feeling of tongue and tongue.

12: Testicular hypertrophy in men.

There are tips to avoid liver problems

Tips for avoiding liver problems

Problems with the liver
Problems with the liver

1: Avoid drinking alcohol and gas because it causes many problems in the body and affects the health of the liver, the heart, and the gastrointestinal tract.

2: Attention to a healthy diet that contains vegetables and fruits.

3: Avoid eating fatty foods containing fats and proteins.

4: Avoid obesity, lose weight and eliminate excess body fat.

5: Exercise, Sport has many benefits to body health

6: Keep away from infection sites that transmit diseases and viruses, especially for children, due to the weakness of the immune system.

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