Friday , January 22 2021

By names, 4 killed and 19 wounded in a bus crash on a Siwa road

Four people were killed, and 19 injured Monday after the West Delta bus collided with a vehicle on the 60th mile of the Matrouh-Siwa desert.

Dr. Mohsen Taha, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Matruh, said Matrouh General Hospital received a bus crash on Siwa Road, where 19 people were injured and four were killed.

Victims were Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim al-Malki (25), Imad Ahmed Mohammed Hajjaj (45), Abeer Al-Sayed Ahmed (43), and Mahmoud Senoussi Mohammed (21).

18-year-old Rami Mamdouh Zakaria (27), Ayman Mohsen Khattab (45), Wafa Mustafa El Nili (38), Hala Abdel Muttalib (50) (65), Hamza Isma & ), Ahmed Eid (47), "bus driver" (35 years),

(37), Abdul Karim Mohammed Shawki (46), Sherif Hamdi Abdul Rahman (34), Wissam Mohammed Al-Sayed (21), Mohammed Mansour Kamel (45), Nasser Hamid Mohammed (20) Hassan Yousef Mohammed (23).

Initial accident inspections showed that, although the West Delta bus at 60km of Siwa-Matruh trail was surprised by a traffic vehicle, the crash hit the collision.

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