Tuesday , March 9 2021

Carina Safaga translates smuggling of cell phones, human medicines and medical image products

The Safaga Customs Department headed by Medhat Rajab, General Manager of Safaga Customsa, in cooperation with Safaga Port, managed to prevent the attempt to smuggle numerous mobile phones, human medicines and medical devices in violation of the law.

According to a statement by the Customs Department on Tuesday night, the incident was discovered during the inspection of goods and passengers arriving from the port of Saudi Arabia Daba on the Nama Express ferry, under the supervision of a passenger survey, headed by Mahmoud Aboudouh al-Jalalii, head of Safaga's cargo inspection trailer.

The committee was founded by Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Crown Supervisor, Ahmed Shaker, Bassam Abdel Fattah, Ahmed Galal, Tariff Officers and Mostafa Hashim, Tariff Head of Ashraf Hamdi Sabre, Director of the Tariff Section.

A total of 120 mobile phones, IPHONE 6, 70,848 blue tablets, 7056 red pills, 9552 sulfadine capsules and three medical devices were found in the magical shops produced in the car and barrels at the bottom of the vehicle.

Dr. Tarek Al-Azab, the head of the Central Administration of the Order and the Southern Region, has decided to take the necessary legal measures and issue the records of customs control and reserve on seizures.

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