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Dollar price on Sunday Updated in Egyptian banks and the stock market on June 30, 2019

Follow us on a daily update Dollar price In the Egyptian market and in the black market, as well as the effects of controlling the US currency price on the Egyptian market, we offer you a daily update of the latest green dollar price, the dollar has increased to an unprecedented level since 2011, and demand has increased and decreased, leading to to a significant black market activity, the decision to liberalize the pound exchange rate against a bribe-dollar price raised the dollar price to close to 25 pounds while positive data on the Egyptian economy and the large increase in cash reserves, the Central Bank of Egypt, continued to publish periodically to improve the exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound, the dollar price of the Bank gradually increased to an average price of £ 17.00 and a fall in the black market activity to an average exchange rate between £ 17.00 and £ 16.50.

The price of the US dollar now
Dollar rate today

Dollar rate today

  • modernization : The average sales price of the Black Dollar market has stabilized at an average price of more than 6 months, recording 17.25 pounds. The law on supply and demand controls the dollar in the Egyptian market, both at banks and in the black market. Trading in the parallel market is largely dependent on price speculation and spread of rumor Profit and is under strong trading influence given the stability of the green bank's exchange rate at a one-time price average for a long period of time and gradually improving the economy and increasing cash reserves.
  • The dollar's price for imported goods is set to be the same as the dollar price at the Egyptian Central Bank, liberalizing the customs dollar exchange rate, such as liberalizing its price on the Egyptian market according to the law of supply and demand.

Dollar price today in Egyptian banks

Highest purchase price: 16.66

Arapska investicijska banka

Lowest price: 16.74

International Commercial Bank (CIB)

Like a bankPurchase priceSelling PriceThe last move since then
HSBC HSBC16.6616.764 days
Mashreq Bank16.6616.764 days
Credit Agricole16.6616.763 days
Bank Al Baraka16.6616.764 days
Arapska investicijska banka16.6616.764 days
Egyptian Gulf Bank16.6616.764 days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK16.6516.753 days
Arab International Banking Company16.6516.75One week
National Bank of Greece16.6516.75One week
Housing and Development Bank16.6516.75One week
Banque Misr Iran Development16.6516.754 days
Bloom Bank16.6516.75One week
United Bank16.6516.753 days
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)16.6516.75One week
Alexandria coast16.6516.75One week
Bank Audi16.6516.754 days
Bank for Industrial Development16.6516.75One week
Egyptian bank for export development16.6516.75One week
Bank of Egypt16.6516.75One week
The National Bank of Egypt16.6516.75One week
Arab African International Bank16.6516.75One week
Arab International Bank16.6516.754 days
Central Bank of Egypt16.6416.773 days
International Commercial Bank (CIB)16.6416.745 days
Suez Canal Bank16.6416.744 days

The dollar price at the Central Bank of Egypt

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is the primary determinant of the official exchange rate of the dollar in banks, and official transactions are carried out at the rate of the dollar determined by the Central Bank of Egypt, while each bank determines the exchange rate of the dollar according to its monetary reserves. , A purchase price of £ 17.00 and a sale price of £ 16.50.

The general trend of the US currency in 6 months


The American currency is open on Thursday Thursday, on average on Thursday, best buy from Mashreq Bank at 16.66 pounds and the best-selling from Commercial International Bank of 16.71 pounds.

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