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FilGoal | News | Ashour: I do not mean retirement, my current league for me is historic because I want the 12th title

Hossam Ashour, headmaster and captain of Al Ahlija, said he was not worried about the date of his career.

"I do not stand for a certain ambition, but my ambition is constantly being renewed during my stay with Al Ahli," Ashour said during his Al Ahly guest appearance from Spain's team camp.

"I won 34 trophies, I miss five tournaments as the most successful player in the world to win the championship. That's my ambition thanks to my presence at the best club in Africa."

"So I do not think about leaving retirement, I can play and practice very seriously. I will be 33, but some people imagine I'm 36 years old because I've been in the first team for a long time," he said.

"In the youth club Al Ahli I learned that I always try to be the number one. We did not get used to the second place. When I came to the first team, Manuel Jose told me I would be one of the most important players in the center."

"But if I do not focus on my goals at the time of my presence in the midst of a constellation involving Abu Trik, Barakat, Al-Nahas, Al-Shatir, Hassan Mustafa, and Mohammed Shawk, I have not achieved what I have achieved."

Hossam Ashour emphasized "The coach has to be the best player and number one in place, so concentrate on my history with the team."

And the league title"Everybody has one man's heart to win the league this season."

"It's one of the most important magazines in history and history for me. That's an important title and I'm trying to win it to raise the balance of the 12 championships."

"The difference between the present generation and the past is that I was 17 years youngest player in the first team in Belughey and saw the names that feel like me and now I became team leader with Sherif Ekrami, Mohamed Naguib, Walid Sulaiman and Ahmed Fathi. to the need to be interested in all the details to be Ahli number 1, either with newcomers or newcomers outside the club.

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