Saturday , June 19 2021

General advice for all women who are predisposed to birth .. Learn more about symptoms of depression and its signs

Some women who put their babies in depression can develop into what is called postpartum depression, which is a common occurrence from one woman to another, and her degree is no doubt different. According to a medical report, postpartum depression is a problem For some women postpartum, which causes them a lot of feelings of depression and depression, depression is known.

Depression of childbirth

The birth of the pancreas

There are many symptoms of depression after the birth of a woman to confirm a doctor already infected with her, and this is not just a mild depression feeling as a result of new responsibilities and mental burden, the most prominent of those symptoms suffering from some signs in weeks immediately after childbirth and who can reach the first six months of birth is the most prominent of these symptoms to feel the irritability and lack of attachment to her new baby, and she also suffers from frequent strikes of crying and suffering from severe depression and depression.

The birth of the pancreas

The birth of the pancreas

He also feels very tired and tired, as well as a very angry and nervous feeling of the slightest work, with a feeling of extreme indifference towards all responsibilities and life issues, and women ask the help of psychologists when they feel that such symptoms help.

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