Wednesday , June 23 2021

Height and increased risk of cancer

A recent study has shown that it is more likely to get stronger cancer than a person with short growth. The longer it is, the greater the risk of melanoma and thyroid cancer. US researchers have shown that the cancer risk of a person increases by about 10 percent for each length of 10 centimeters, while the principal researcher at the University of California Riverside suggested that the cause could only be due to multiple cells in the body of a person.

"We tested the hypothesis that height increases the number of cells, which directly increases the risk of cancer," says Dr Leonard Noni. "The data strongly support this simple hypothesis." He points out another theory that says "the same factors that determine the level of cancer risk."

The study included 23 different types of cancer and how to increase the risk of most of them with elevation. He found a strong relationship between height and melanoma, especially with increasing risk by almost 30 percent for every 10 centimeters extra length in women and 25 percent for men. At the same time, the risk of thyroid cancer increased by almost 40 percent for women and about 20 percent for men.

"Numerous studies have shown over the years that longer people are at greater risk of cancer," says Georgina Hill, a senior information officer at the Cancer Research Center in the United Kingdom. The presence of multiple cells in older people, speaking of a greater likelihood of failure in one of these cells and hence being transformed into cancer. "But the increased risk is not large, and much can be done to reduce the risk of cancer, such as smoking and maintaining healthy weight."

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Susanna Brown, the senior program leader at the Global Fund for Cancer Research, reported in a recent study that the ultimate height of people is not alone at risk of cancer but at the stage of body growth. "It's not just about genes, but about variable factors," she said. "But height does not mean bad news," she said, pointing out that height is actually useful when it comes to certain illnesses and health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks.

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