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Jordan – What is a seasonal emotional disorder and how can it be treated?

(MENAFN – Al Wakeel News) Some of us suffer from a type of depression called the United States, which usually stems from low temperatures, short days and late hours in the winter.

The so-called "winter depression" may be debilitating, with patients suffering from several psychological symptoms, including irritability, mood swings and other symptoms.
People suffer from this type of depression over a certain period of the year, usually in the winter, although some may suffer from it in the summer months.

It is normal that mood changes affect the season, where people are happy when the sun rises, and vice versa when the weather is colder and during the rain.

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But the United States is a mental health disorder that can have a major impact on people's lives on a daily basis. According to a survey published in 2014, 29% of Britons are affected by winter.

As with many psychiatric conditions, the exact cause of the US can not be known, but there are many theories about why some have more serious symptoms than others, including low levels of serotonin, physical illness, body clock disorders, and diet or medication changes,

It is also believed that people with "winter depression" may have higher levels of melatonin, a hormone that produces the brain, making us tired, which can make the US suffer from constant energy exhaustion.

The US symptoms vary from person to person, but according to the British National Health Agency may include: persistent irritability, loss of enjoyment in day-to-day activities, a feeling of sleep and longer sleep and eating appetite and natural carbohydrates. Some people may suffer from guilt, despair and worthlessness.

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– How can I diagnose a "seasonal emotional disorder"?

If you think you are suffering from the US, you should visit a general practitioner who will be able to assess your mental health by asking questions about your mood, eating habits, lifestyle, sleep and mood during the seasonal changes.

How is this disorder treated?
Major treatments include a medical discussion such as counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and phototherapy, where patients are encouraged to purchase a light box that mimics sun exposure and is usually found in sleeping rooms.

Some patients may be treated with antidepressants, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which are also used to treat panic disorder and some types of phobia. These drugs act by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

In addition, patients are encouraged to deal with their health by changing their lifestyle, such as regular exercise, healthy nutrition, taking as much natural sunlight as possible while sitting near the windows and walking outside the home.
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