Monday , July 26 2021

Learn more about cement prices on Wednesday

Cement prices fell on local markets beginning on Wednesday, November 7, averaging 950 pounds per ton.
The price of reinforced cement was 983 pounds per ton, Aswan Cement 868 pounds, military cement 870 pounds, cement construction 898 pounds, cement engineer 998 pounds per ton, and Swedish cement 1000 pounds per ton.
The average price of Egyptian cement Beni Suef was LE 890, cement in the southern valley of 873 pounds, 870 pound Sinai cement, military cement Beni Suef 863 pounds, cement cement and Helwan 960 pounds.
The average price of white cement is 1800 pounds, the price of pure white cement is 1800 pounds, and the Super Sinai 1750 pounds, and Royal is 1770 pounds per ton. The white oasis is 1800 pounds per ton.
The average price of mixed cement was 858 pounds per ton, palmitic cement was 835 pounds per ton, while cement Oasis recorded 850 pounds per ton.
The average cost of slab-resistant cement was LE 1000 per ton, cement Assiut resistor was LE 1020 per ton, Suez Suez cement was 990 pounds per ton, and resistant Swedish cement amounted to 1030 pounds per ton.

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