Wednesday , May 12 2021

Mass burning, lack of oxygen and collapse of the health system in a country of one billion … «Corona killed India» | Photography

With India’s health system deteriorating and many concerns about its inability to absorb large numbers of Corona patients and lack of oxygen in it, India is witnessing a state of panic after recording more than 314,000 cases of the virus in one day, the outbreak of another wave of Corona virus epidemics on its soil, as crowds of people stood in front of hospitals in larger cities, which were full of patients, with large numbers of people dying while waiting for oxygen.

Corona in India

Corona injuries rose to 346,786 overnight in India today, Saturday, setting a new world record for the third day in a row as overcrowded hospitals required oxygen supplies and India now has about 16 million confirmed cases and 189,544 deaths, which is the case in Second place after the United States.

Corona in India

India is witnessing another serious wave of epidemics, with one death from the corona every 4 minutes, roughly in Delhi, with the collapse of the healthcare system in the underfunded capital.

Meanwhile, the death toll from Covid-19 across India has risen by 2,624 in the last 24 hours, the highest daily rate in the country so far.

Corona in India

The World Health Organization described limiting the spread of the disease in India as a “very difficult task” as the Indian government sought to operate “Oxygen Express” trains to transport oxygen tanks to cope with the sharp rise in nosocomial infections.

With the death toll in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities in India have been forced to carry out mass arson operations in makeshift sites.

Cremators across Delhi said they were fed up and asked grieving families to wait.

Corona in India

A sudden rise in cases in India came after a fire broke out in a Mumbai hospital suburb treating Covid-19 patients, killing 13 people on Friday, and the latest incident to hit a facility in India was crowded with people infected with the Coronavirus virus.

The rise in infections is partly due to a new variable that World Health says was first discovered in India last fall, while experts remain divided over whether the variable is the main driver of the Corona explosion in the country and the Indian variant “B1617” is currently classified. as “Interesting” by global health. Several media reports have described it as a “double mutation,” but there is still no clear evidence as to whether it is more portable or deadly.

Corona in India

Hospitals in India suffer from an acute shortage of beds and medical supplies, especially oxygen, and the capital Delhi is the most suffering city in the country, and the reason for the situation in the country is the outbreak of new, more sensitive strains, in addition to people resisting long-term closure measures. mass celebrations Religious and religious festivals, mostly what is being held in the states of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, where the authorities have recorded about 67,000 cases and 33,000 cases, respectively.

Corona in India

Lack of oxygen and supply lines

The lack of oxygen in Indian hospitals is due to 3 reasons: the first is the distance between manufacturing plants and hospitals, the second is the distribution network that stretches for thousands of kilometers, and the third is poor planning, according to some observers.

Coronavirus infections have flooded hospitals in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, putting more pressure on oxygen-producing plants, which are already under a lot of pressure, in a bid to meet local demand.

Corona in India

India has a daily production capacity of at least 7,100 tonnes of oxygen, including for industrial use, which seems sufficient to meet current demand.

India’s tanks for transporting oxygen-containing aircraft from Singapore are meeting growing demand for life-saving gas at a time when its supply is low due to record coronavirus infections.

The Indian Air Force is also operating “high-capacity tankers” transporting liquid oxygen from Singapore’s Changi Airport today, Saturday, according to a tweet by Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Information, Broadcasting and Heavy Industry.

While in parts of West Bengal, Maharashtra and Delhi, a new type of corona virus with a high infection rate and immune escape has been discovered.

And in New Delhi, which is under blockade, hospitals suffering from severe oxygen and drug shortages have called on the government to urgently provide them with oxygen for hundreds of patients on respirators.

Corona in India

Travel ban to and from India

Iran bans passengers from India

Iran has banned passengers from entering India, witnessing a sharp rise in coronavirus infections.

Corona in India

Britain puts India on the red list

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his country’s concern about the mutated strain of Corona in India, stressing that the United Kingdom will do what it can to help.

“We are looking at what we can do to help and support the people of India,” Johnson told British media on Friday, describing India as a “great partner.”

Johnson indicated that help could include providing ventilators or Corone treatments.

And health authorities in Britain announced over the weekend that India would be added to the red list, meaning those coming from it would be subject to hotel quarantine.

Corona in India

– Anxiety in Japan –

Several countries are closing their doors to India, so travel to Germany will be limited to holders of German citizenship from Sunday, while Kuwait announced on Saturday the suspension of direct commercial flights to or from an Asian country.

The United States also recommends all travel to India, including people who have received vaccines. On Friday, Canada suspended flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days, and that will also apply to Iran at midnight.

The discovery of an “Indian” mutated version of the virus in Belgium and then in Switzerland is causing concern in Europe.

Although the increase recorded this week in Asia is mainly related to the situation in India, Nepal has also witnessed a mass outbreak of the epidemic (+ 242%) with 1,400 new daily infections recorded.

Yemen bans travel to India

The internationally recognized Yemeni government has announced a temporary ban on travel for its citizens to India, starting today, Friday, due to the spread of the Corona virus.

The Supreme National Committee for Coping with the Corona Epidemic said in a statement that: “The temporary suspension of travel of citizens from Yemen to India has been approved, until further notice, in light of high cases of infection in India and precautions taken by Indian authorities to deal with a pandemic outbreak. “.

Canada suspends flights from India and Pakistan

The Canadian government has announced a temporary ban on passenger flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days, as part of the tightening of measures in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

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