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MP Solaf Darwish Explains Major Referrals for Changing Executive Regulations for the Civil Service Act

Dina El Naggar

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Saturday, November 10, 2018 – 19:48
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Saturday, November 10, 2018 – 19:48

Deputy Solaf Darwish, deputy to the House of Labor's Labor Party's House of Representatives, said the commission had discussed amending the executive regulations of the Civil Service Act no. 81 in order to achieve neglected material, in particular adjusting to higher employee qualifications.

She added that the committee discussed with the representatives of the Ministry of Planning, Organization, Administration and Finance, solving problems of employees' settlements with higher qualifications in the service retroactively before 2019, pointing to the exit with recommendations for presenting these amendments to the State Council.

He explained that adjustments apply to all staff with higher qualifications in ministries in the implementation of the Civil Service Act, pointing to the Committee's progress with a special note on the issue to the Ministry of Planning.

The Workers' Chamber of the House of Representatives held on Saturday in the presence of Adviser Omar Marwana, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Chief of the Central Management and Administration Department of Saleh Al-Sheikh, and announced the beginning of serious and effective steps to resolve compromise problems for highly qualified personnel.

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