Tuesday , January 19 2021

One-third of the Egyptian people have a savings account at the post office

"We have a very large number of post offices in the villages and governors that are social responsibility for the authority of the citizens, and we are not looking at the gains in small offices but relying on large offices to achieve greater profits through the provided services," he said.

He added in a phone call to the "public opinion" program with Amr Abdel Hamid on TeN "Sunday" that "The government does not make the losses and the presence of post offices in Egypt, it is social responsibility and does not look to losses, and we have earned £ 5 billion in profits. we have more than 24 million "We have more than 13 million citizens who enter the office every month, and 7 million monthly pensions are paid out of our offices."

"Old postcards are replaced by credit cards that can be used anywhere, one-third of Egyptian peoples have a savings account, 10.25 percent interest rate and no administrative costs," he said.

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