Thursday , February 25 2021

Prices of cars “Toyota C-HR” Face Lift model 2021

The new Toyota C-HR Face Lift model 2021 comes in one category, priced at £ 445,000 in the local market.


The exterior design of the Toyota CHR features a sporty coupe-like upper body and a strong dynamic lower body that combines the concepts of “crossover” and “coupe” to create a generation that reflects the sporty spirit of the car.

As for the car’s dynamic body, it features LED taillights, sequential signals and a diamond-engraved front grille, as well as metal rims (17 inches), and the car’s roof comes in black or silver metallic to color the rest of the body. .

The car engine is powered by a 1.2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 113 hp and 185 Nm of torque, DOHC technology and advanced VVT-IW supported by a turbocharger and direct fuel injection system that provides you with powerful performance and smooth acceleration, as well as ideal fuel consumption and driving experience Ideal in all circumstances.

The performance of the C-HR is complemented by an intelligent CVT automatic transmission for even more powerful performance.

The air conditioner has also been developed to provide the best performance with dual zone automatic control of cooling and heating via a modern control panel, which helps purify the air and maintain the humidity level in the car via ECO NANOE TECHNOLOGY.

The Toyota C-HR uses the Smart Entry function, so you can enjoy the spirit of innovation when starting and turning off the engine.

It is characterized by stable performance thanks to the front and rear suspension systems designed with smart technology that gives you the ideal driving and driving experience to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety.

Includes an advanced package of brake systems, including ABS, electronic brake force distribution, VSC, brake assist, traction control, uphill assistance, brake retention and electric parking brake, along with 7 airbags and seat belts. Three points for all passengers to ensure complete safety as well as an anti-theft immobilizer.

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