Monday , June 14 2021

Safiya al-Amri reveals that the visit of her sons was behind her learning of Russia

Artist Safia al-Amri has confirmed that she is happy with her art career and the love of the audience, and is constantly looking for her. She said she was currently reading the selection of the best selection work.

Al-Omari added that she was the "daughter of the cinema" and presented her to the audience in many roles, explaining that her work in the film was peculiar, until the last film "Sol and Wood" with Amr Abdel-Galileo new and useful, People of art always associate with each other, "she said, pointing out that she was fascinated with art but with important and serious work, since many important works have appeared in recent years that carry many important messages and pointed out that the young stars they always look for new Birth, "and the Arab world has many new faces that can carry the banner of the Future of Art

Helmy Nights
The "Night of Dreams" series said that the series that entered the history of art consciousness in the Arab world, although Ismail Abdul Hafiz is missing, and Osama Anwar Okasha, who has played the most beautiful social symphony together, remains so far, as I talked about the artist Salah al-Saadani, He is one of the great artists who have spent their lives in art. He is a close friend of his heart and wants his health and wellness.

Learn Russian Language
Al-Omari discovered the reason for her learning of Russia, explaining that one day she traveled to America to visit her children, and one of the bookstores found Russian language and discovered them only after they bought it and decided to learn that language in order to he read these papers. What you read about Russian literature like a piece (Chekov) is one of the most important short stories writers in the world.

"My children are my friends, they are two sons of artist Jalal Issa, who live in America after studying, and I always visit them to sit with my grandchildren and play with them," she said. .

Secret of Enduring Beauty ..
As for the hobbies who spend their free time in it, Safia has discovered that she likes clothing design, especially home clothes, stressing that she herself dresses the kitchen because she loves to eat all kinds of fish and natural juices, adding that the secret of her enduring beauty is the pleasure of is the best grace, She explained that she is one of the first artists to describe the work of masks of yogurt with the possibility of beautifying facial features

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