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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 … everything we expect

Samsung is expected to officially announce its upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10, in August. The phone is the best Korean phone company every year, offering the latest specifications that can surpass all phones in the market.

Although we are expected to see a lot of leak in the next two months, we are sharing our expectations about the Galaxy 10 Note:

Earlier we mentioned that the upcoming Samsung phone will offer the best specifications available today on the market, including the latest Qualcomm processors (Snapdragon 855), at least 8GB of RAM and at least 128GB of internal memory. , With support for a microSD memory card, plus a battery of at least 4000 mAh.

However, unlike previous years, the previous leak was said to have only one Galaxy Note, but four models: one will offer a 4.500mAh battery and the other model will support a 5G 5G network as well as the Galaxy S10 5G launched earlier this year years.

Big changes on cameras.

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The fifth generation of Galaxy S10 comes with four rear cameras, compared to last year's phones, which received only two cameras. It is expected that the camera number (Galaxy Note 10) should not be less than 4.

In May, Samsung announced a 64-megapixel camera sensor that supports pixel integration, allowing better image capture at low light and supports 5x optical zoom. So, we expect to see it on Galaxy Note 10.

We also want to see a larger incentive from Samsung in the field (computer image processing). Google Night Sight Technology is one of the best current low light technologies. Although Samsung has improved Galaxy S10 Plus's low-light performance, we always want to see more.

Better screen.

Samsung is expected to use the Galaxy S10 Plus screen design on Galaxy Note 10, including the front camera on the screen and the SuperAMOLED display. It is likely that the Galaxy Note 10 will be longer than the Galaxy S10 Plus, as I did with my phone last year: Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Although the images from the Galaxy Note 10 support what we said the front camera will be on the screen, it does not prevent Samsung to break it and surprise by launching the camera phone or hidden camera underneath the screen to cover the screen with a full-featured bezel or edges.

Since the 90-Hertz OnePlus 7 Pro screen from the Samsung industry, the Galaxy Note 10 can come with the support of this high frequency, which is highly sought after by enthusiasts for video games on mobile devices. .

Delivery, S Pen, and more.

Galaxy S10 5G comes with 25-watt charging support, which we hope Samsung will repeat in Galaxy Note 10. As far as wireless charging technology is concerned, it is expected that the company will support its own technology (Quick Wireless Charge 2.0).

As expected, the Galaxy Note 10 will support other technologies in the Galaxy S10 Plus, including: IP68 water and dust resistance, fingerprint sensor and Wireless PowerShare technology), Stereo speakers and of course the Pen (S Pen) , specializing in Galaxy Note phones.

It should be noted that the leak is saying that one or more models (Galaxy Note 10) will not provide a headphone jack. It is unlikely that the S Pen will have significant changes after the enhancements Samsung added last year, adding the ability to charge the pen for 30 minutes in just 40 seconds and supporting 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels. However, it is expected that the company will improve pen features for remote applications.

Decent price and fast updates.

Samsung is expected to launch its upcoming Galaxy Note 10 at a price of $ 999, just like its predecessor. If this business does, it may attract many consumers who are saturated with the cost of expensive iPhone phones.

Regarding updates, Samsung has made some progress over previous years, and has started with Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 phones to support the Google Treble project, which speeds up the launch of new Android system updates. (Galaxy Note 10) with this feature.

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