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Sherif Madkour announces a new video: Erhmwa Reham Said

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Sunday, June 30, 2019


Media student Sherif Madkour has asked his audience to pray for media reporter Rihama Said after her face has been diagnosed.

Madhakur, broadcast live over his Facebook account early in the morning: "Reham Said complained to the community and I still did not know why."

"I have not seen anyone like Rehaam Said in her efforts and diligence in her work, which did not limit the amount of donations Reham Said received through her humanitarian program, which guarantees enormous costs of treatment," he said.

He continued: "People who do not have Reham Said Reham Said, I am sure that she is a powerful personality of our Lord Hnzrha and to get out of her illness, the adequacy of the ring I did in Jerusalem and bombing the bomb, Reham worked in her life 3 Thousands Lo ring 100 sweet honey for attack He said.

He concluded that Madkour was broadcast live, "Lord Yshviki Ya Reham said I did not understand the type of illness, but I realized that it was a serious illness, Six de Tiba Oi."

The media reported that Riham Said declared his illness and asked his audience to pray for her, via her official site at "Instagram".

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