Thursday , June 24 2021

The attenuator receives the opening speech of the International Summit for Tourism and Travel Crisis Management

Dr. Rania Al Mashat, Minister of Tourism, held the opening speech of the International Summit on Tourism and Travel Management Crisis at the Royal Institute in London, where the Egyptian tourist industry was chosen as a model of elasticity and ability to overcome the crisis.

Dialogue was moderated by Anita Mandirata, a guide to CNN.

The meeting was attended by ministers and 36 speakers at the panel discussion on crisis management in the tourism, aviation and catering sector in the changing world.

The minister stressed that the challenges encountered by Egyptian tourism after 2011 made more firm, pointing out that Egyptian tourism was able to overcome obstacles and restore strength, and stressed that the program of structural tourism reform implemented by the Ministry of Tourism now aims to promote the sector and increase competitiveness and increase competitiveness Impact Tolerance.

The Minister underlined that the success of this sector comes in co-operation and coordination between all existing bodies, including the private sector, as 98% of the Egyptian tourism sector represents the private sector.

Dr. Rania Al Mashat reviewed a new promotional campaign that will focus on the unique elements of Egypt and that individual tourist sites will be promoted individually to highlight their components.

The minister added that the campaign of the Egyptian People's People is directed not only on the outside but also on the Egyptian peoples to affirm positive behaviors that reflect the hospitality and welcome of tourists, as well as increase the spirit of belonging to the Egyptian generation of young people.

At the end of the meeting, the minister urged the attendants to hold the International Summit for Tourism and Travel Crisis Management in Egypt, in any of their tourist towns.

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