Monday , March 1 2021

The latest news Small robots go through the eye to deliver the drugs on time

The latest news today, where German scientists have succeeded in developing small helium robots, characterized by its ability to move through eyeballs to deliver the drug fast.

Robots were developed using nanoparticles, a technique that can produce 200 times smaller human hair elements, according to Telegraph, Max Planck Intelligence Institute and the University of Stuttgart.

By using slip coating of magnetic material, robots can pass through a dense liquid that makes up most of the eye, called a "glass mixture".

Approximately 10,000 small robots were injected into the eyes of dead pigs and then controlled by a magnetic field to give the drug in the back of the eye less than 30 minutes, 10 times faster than the eye drop.

Researchers said the study had the hope that "small vehicles" could be used to treat eye diseases quickly and effectively, such as glaucoma or glomerular edema,

Scientists now need to test robots in the eyes of live animals, and if they are successful, they can start testing on human patients.

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