Tuesday , June 15 2021

The local development minister is responsible for raising the accumulated rainfall

Local Development Minister Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy sent the executive authorities to Governor Damietta to take the necessary measures to raise the accumulated rainfall in the city of Ras al-Bar and return traffic to the streets of the city in normal.

The governor's executive bodies pushed the vehicles off the water and took all necessary measures in that respect. The governor's efforts were able to return normal traffic to the streets.

The ministry monitored measures taken in the Sinai, Kafr El-Sheikh and Alexandria administrations after the rain, and things returned to these provinces in normal.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi issued guidelines to raise readiness in all central governors' offices to continuously monitor the situation and coordinate with the Central Chamber of Operations of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry's Operations Department and reviewed all preparations for the rainy and rainy season.

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