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The loss of Haitham Al-Hariri … a complete numerical count of the rounds of the Council’s reunion since


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Alexandria – Muhammad Al-Badri and Muhammad Amer:

Statistics for the House of Representatives elections in Alexandria revealed indicators of the results of candidates in five public districts, in which there was a second round of elections between 26 candidates over 13 individual seats, after the votes were counted according to the committees that monitor the elections.

The published numbers come according to the committee’s numerical list, with confirmation that the State Electoral Body has the innate right to announce the final results of the elections for the House of Representatives 2020.

Al-Muntazah First District

In the first constituency, “Al-Muntazah”, 8 candidates ran for 4 seats, with the most votes cast by candidate Abu al-Abbas Turki with 26,311 votes, Muhammad Husayn al-Hamami with 21,898 votes, and Sardina oversaw 19,101 votes. a Abdel-Fattah Muhammad Abdel-Fattah At 18,244 votes, to win four seats allocated to the constituency.

While Mai Mahmoud won 15,387 votes, Marwa al-Touni 15,982 votes, Muhammad al-Jamasy 12,868 votes, and Muhammad Saad al-Hawari 15.93 votes.

Second round of “Al-Raml”

In the second constituency, Al-Raml, 6 candidates ran for 3 seats and received the highest number of votes according to the numerical list. Each of the candidates Omar Al-Ghunaimi was “independent” with 29,985 votes, Ahmed Abdel-Majid, “Mostakbal Watan” with 26,597 votes and Ali El-Desouki. “The Future of the Nation” with 26,100 votes.

While Ilham Al-Minshawi received 17,707 votes, Mahmoud Askar 14,251 votes and Afifi Kamel 18,200 votes.

Third constituency, “Sidi Gaber”

According to the number of voters in the third constituency “Sidi Gaber”, 4 candidates competed for two seats. Candidate Magdy Al-Waili received the largest number of votes, with 18,134 votes, and Ahmed Al-Masry 14,428 votes.

Candidate Mustafa Abu Zahra received 11,129 votes, Samir Al-Batikhi 7,655 votes.

Fourth constituency “Muharram beg”

In the fourth constituency, “Muharram bey”, 4 candidates competed for two seats, and candidate Muhammad Jibril “Mostakbal Watan” won with 56 thousand and 56 votes, and Mahmoud Qasim, “Mostakbal Watan”, with 43 000 votes, he won two terms.

While candidate Haitham Hariri won 30.74 votes, to lose a seat on the Council, Amr Kamal 24 thousand and 874 votes.

Sixth round of “Dakhila”

In the sixth constituency, “Dakhila”, 4 candidates competed for the remaining two seats in the first round and received the most votes, each of the candidates Ahmed Khalil Khairallah, the “Party of Light” with 64,630 votes, and Ahmed Abdel Hamid Al-Sharif, “Party of Light,” for 58,473 Sound.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Abdel Nasser, “The Future of the Nation,” received 29,852 votes, and Mustafa Al-Talkhawi, “The Future of the Nation,” received 25,523 votes.

Significantly, net candidate Abdel-Al Al-Saghir decided the only seat in the Attarin constituency, and two candidates Rizk Ragheb Dhaifallah and Hussein Al-Akari won two seats out of a total of 4 in Dekheil district, from the first round.

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