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Top 5 new applications launched during 2019

When did you last download new apps on your smartphone? This is mostly done for a long time, as most people use a limited set of smartphone applications, updates them every time, and downloading new applications does not happen at frequent intervals.

We are now in the middle of 2019. During the year, smartphone application developers launched several new apps that are valuable, but it's often difficult for users to track all new apps that appear in app stores after they are released.

The following five best new applications launched during 2019:

1. Application of Harry Potter – wizards unite:

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This application is a new game produced by an American company (Niantic), which has produced the game (Pokemon Go) known before, this new game cited from Harry Potter's famous story series and also depends on improved reality technology, as in the game (Pokemon). Joe).

The map of the game takes you around the world, where your game map helps you find things on the actual locations around you while on the go and you can use your friends to play together in the game to challenge you.

It's important to note that the download number of this app has so far exceeded 5 million downloads at the Google Play Store, and of course they will be Harry Potter and Harry Potter.

The app is free to Google Play Store for Android users, as well as for the Samsung Store for apps known as the Galaxy Store, and there is also an app version of the iOS Store Store.

2. Application of Jumbo Privacy:

Top 5 new applications launched during 2019

Jumbo is designed to protect the privacy of users via the Internet, helps you manage your data and secure them on your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts and will soon support Instagram security.

The app helps you discover and address your account vulnerability, stop tracking targeted ads, prevent tracking of your location, manage permissions, delete browsing history, and delete old tweets that you no longer need to reduce your online activity tracking capabilities.

Keep in mind that this application does not collect any information about you and explains the reasons for any action you need to protect your privacy.

The app is free for iOS users and is not available for Android.

3 – Example spectrum:


Spectre is a camera-based application that is based on artificial intelligence and has several unique features, allowing you to easily capture places and delete people and car from the image. It is very useful for those who want to photograph some of the famous sights in each city without showing the crowds around these attractions. .

The application also lets you add aesthetic touch to nightly images by displaying a fast flow of car lights that appear on the scene and look like a river that flows through the light.

The application also supports many advanced technologies such as automatic stabilization, automated learning, and computer vision.

The application is available in August Store for IOS users for only $ 2.99, but not on Android devices.

Touch Application:

Top 5 new applications launched during 2019

This application specializes in leading group meditation sessions by keeping 10-minute daily meditation sessions that are suitable for beginners and experienced people.

The application provides many meditation teachers with different methods, such as breathing, imagination, etc. As well as the community of many members participating in direct meditation sessions, with a reminder at the time of day-to-day meditation sessions.

Tap In provides a visual guide to breathing techniques used in meditation practice and is also integrated with Apple Health), Enabling you to easily see all your health information in one place.

The app is free for iOS users and has no version of Android.

5. Apply Yolo:

This application is intended for sending anonymous messages to users of Snape Each Yolo user can share their connection with friends on the Snape Chat and his friends can send anonymous messages through this link so that they can not identify the sender.

Warn the application maker to send positive content messages and avoid negative comments or bad words as these may expose them to a ban.

The app is available in the Google Play Store for Android users, and there is also a version of the iOS Customer Store app.

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