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Washing with shame by hand. The student brings his lover home and his father slaughtered them and tossed their bodies from the balcony

"Stone or shame" is an old name in Upper Egypt. Honor killings are the heaviest of all murders, and the killer is always the father or older brother.

So it was in today's story, a father from Upper Egypt living in the village of Zawia Ghazal in Damanhour Center in the lake, and his daughter broke all the norms and brought her lover to her home in the absence of a father and brother to practice holy love, but God is wanted to open her command.

After praying at dawn, his father returned to his house to get some sleep, but he heard noises coming from his daughter's room. Like any father who feared they would not hate him, he went to see. In the veins and possessed by the instinct of revenge for his honor, he called his two sons and documented his son and her lover and brought a knife from the kitchen and ordered his eldest son to slaughter his sister and young man, but he refused. He ordered his second son to slaughter them in retaliation for family honor.

Afterwards, the father went out to the balcony of his house and, with the help of his son, threw the bodies into the street in the midst of panic, shouting revenge on the honor and honor of the family, and contacted police who arrested the suspects, and the bodies were transferred to the refrigerator to save the dead at Damanhour General Hospital available to the prosecution.

The governor of Beheira witnessed the horrific incident on Tuesday after an employee and his two sons in Damanhur's Zawia Ghazal village slaughtered their daughter and her lover in retaliation after being caught practicing jokes in his room, where he documented them with help his two sons and slaughtered them. Available to the prosecution.

Majdi al-Qamari, director of security at Beheir, received a report from the Damanhour police station that one parent and two sons in Zawyet Ghazal village had slaughtered his daughter and her lover. Mabahit officers at Damanhour Police Station led by Maj.

When he heard the voice of his daughter from the room before sunrise, he went to check on his daughter. He heard the sound of a stranger in her room. He rushed to the kitchen and brought a knife. When he opened the door to the room, he found his daughter in the arms of a young man. With the help of his two sons, he slaughtered them in revenge for his honor.

The bodies were transferred to the morgue refrigerator at Damanhour General Hospital after the public prosecutor's team was assigned to the Damanhour Center to inspect the accident site, and a forensic team was determined to determine the cause of death to obtain a burial permit and hand over the bodies to their loved ones; the incident report is being prepared for presentation to the State Attorney's Office for investigation.

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