Wednesday , November 25 2020

Within a month … an Arab country says it is closest to receiving the Pfizer vaccine 3048: 1715_1200x675_80_0_0_b5b57e68caa1a217390dfede6a803e7b.jpg

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Informed health sources in Kuwait expected today, Sunday, that the Gulf state is closest to the entry of the “Pfizer” vaccine, which is intended to treat the emerging “Corona” virus.

Sources told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas that “the Pfizer vaccine is closest to entering Kuwait in the second half of next December, especially after Pfizer and its partner Biontech applied for an emergency permit in the United States the day before yesterday, Friday, to use the vaccine. (Covid-19).

Kuwaiti health sources have revealed to newspapers that they are following the latest developments in vaccines that have entered the final phase of testing, with the aim of reviewing their results and the scope of obtaining official accreditation from specialized international health organizations.

She pointed out that the “Moderna, Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca” vaccines are the closest to obtaining approval from international health authorities and organizations for their distribution at the regional level, among 9 vaccines that entered the race in the final stages preparing for their approval and licensing after clinical trials .

Kuwaiti media reported on Friday that receiving the Corona vaccine, if approved and arriving in the country, will be optional and will not be mandatory for any particular group, despite Health Minister Dr Basil Al-Sabah having legal powers which give him the right to bind any segment to his taking.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas quoted well-informed government sources that perceptions are underway about the target groups that will receive the approved vaccine at an early stage of arrival, excluding the obligation to receive medical staff and care agencies.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the monitoring of 426 cases of the newly formed corona virus (Covid 19), over the past 24 hours; This records a total of 139,734 recorded.

The ministry also announced, according to its website, that two cases had died due to complications from the virus infection and 511 recovery from the disease. That brings a total of 863 deaths and a total of 131,560 recoveries.

The total number of cases currently being treated in Kuwaiti hospitals is 7311, and the total number of intensive care cases is 84.

Kuwait ranks sixth on the list of Arab countries due to new Corona virus infections. And ranked 44th on the list of international injuries.

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