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Celebrate 90 Years of World Class Dance at December Concert in December at Wayne State University

Celebrate 90 Years of World Class Dance at December Concert in December at Wayne State University

The Theater and Dance Department Maggie Allesee, a program within the Faculty of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts at State Wayne University, is delighted at the 90th anniversary celebration of Wayne's annual concert in December, December 7 and 8 in Detroit Music Hall Center for Performing Arts. This year's show promises diverse and moving works that show the culmination of dance for decades. Dance students have the pleasure to work with various talented artists, including invited guests, valued faculty and gifted choreographers.

Wayne State is proud to represent Twyla Tharpa "The Hundreds" as a great dance celebration at 90 year old Wayne. Of the pieces, Tharp says, "One Hundreds is about eleven seconds of segments run by two dancers unanimously separated for four seconds between each segment … Five people each of the twenty different segments simultaneously, so that they are represented one fifth of the time, and one hundred one in eleven seconds, is not it? You follow me? Let's go one more time. Five hundred twenty-five are all phrases in one-fifth, then hundreds of people do it at the same time in eleven seconds. "This famous work will mark 100 people from the Metro Detroit community because joining Wayne Dancers to create dynamic and exciting artwork.

Ballet great Gerald Arpino's "Valentine's Day" will be revived once again, set by dance director Meg Paul and live music by Charles V. Paul. In what "Houston Chronicle" described as "The Powerful, Spooky, Unspecified Conflict between … Antagonists in a Capricious Boxer", this duet with live solo double bass is entertaining and delighted.

For Sangan, the African dance company Wayne State joins the blend of an exciting audience featuring African dance and drum performances inspired by inspiration, refreshment, education and fun. The company celebrates rich cultural traditions from African heritage as well as a contemporary African-American experience.

The Theater and Dance in Wayne are proudly portrayed by the guest artist Pilobolus in collaboration with faculty RAS Mikey Courtney. Also featured are Eve Powers, Karen Prall, Jennifer Harge, Kristi Faulkner and former Liz Schmidt together with choreographies of Korean students Leah O & Donnell, Rachel Andes and Maddy Petz. This will surely be an inspirational and empowering evening of dance, honor and celebration of the 90th anniversary of Dance at Wayne State University. In addition to the opening night on December 7th, it is a special reception at 6am. Concert and reception tickets are available for online shopping through, call Theater and Dance at Wayne Box Office at (313) 577-2972 or visit the box at 4743 Cass Avenue at the corner of Hancock Street.

About Wayne State University
Wayne State University is one of the most eminent public research universities in urban environments. Through its multidisciplinary approach to research and education, as well as its ongoing co-operation with government, industry and other institutions, the university seeks to improve economic growth and improve the quality of life in Detroit, Michigan and around the world. More information on research at Wayne State University can be found at

Parts included in the December Dance Concert

Choreographer: Mark Fucik & Dr. RAS Mikey Courtney (2018 Allesee Artist Resident)
in cooperation with the performers
Music: Bear Thing, Tycho and Dustin O Halloran (Mixed: Dr. RAS Mikey C)
Amanda Benjey, Isabella Brown, Natalie Cantalino, Renee Dempsey, Camryn Eaglin, Joella Fitzpatrick, Max Golden, Cydney Hunter, Arnell Kinney, Joseph Mattar, Kathryn McNarney, Brooklyn Park, Maddy Petz, Lena Shuptar

Choreographer: Eva Powers
Composer: FIRST LAST
Dancers: Kaylee Adair, Rylee Aranosian, Eric Blovits, Olivia Bonich, Kendall Ciantar, Brianna Clark, Taylor Craft, Stephanie Dobra, Madelyn Duhr, Racquel Dunneback, Alexandra Failoc, Evie Gaines, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hooper,

JA LOVE SURPRISES (Saturday only)
Choreographer: Kristi Faulkner in collaboration with dancers
Music: "I'll cry if I want to" Lesley Gore
Dancers: Makena Junttonen, Olivia Kimes, Payton Kozlowski, Alex Lee, Andersen Liauw, Joseph Mattar, Lisa McCabe, Jessica Mossner, Samantha Penive, Jayda Powell, Alexis Rose, Brianna Schmidt, Devany Scott, Gabe Steffey

Choreographer: Karen Prall
Music: Black Coffee Ft. Toshi-Buya – Monique Bingham deep in the bottom
Dancers: Micah Bolden, Brianna Clark, Taylor Craft, Stephanie Dobra, Alyssa Grabinski, Olivia Kimes, Joseph Mattar, Alexis Rose

Choreographer: Leah O & Donnell
Music: Young is Independent: "Chorus Girls 1934", David Chernyavski: "Tsu Der Hupe / Redi / Karak hod", Lakatos: "Klezmer Csardas", Fanny Brice: Song of Sewing Machine Benny Weinbeck: Body and Soul, Florence Meltzer : "Body and soul", Anonymous: "Sentimental Journey", instrumental. Music edited by Leah O & Donnell
Dancers: Kaylee Adair, Amanda Benoy, Olivia Bonich, Natalie Cantalino, Taylor Craft, Racquel Dunneback, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hooper, Jessica Mossner, Maddy Petz, Jayda Powell and Gabe Steffey

It is NOT OK to just leave
Choreographer: Rachel Andes
Music: Claire de Lune Claude Debussy
Dancers: Amanda Benjey, Hannah Bialecki, Renee Dempsey, Joey Mattar, Hannah Rittmueler, Shannon White

Choreographer: Gerald Arpino
* In the Joffrey / Arpino Festival, courtesy of the Arpino Foundation
It was Meg Paul
Composer: Jacob Druckman; Contrabass musician; Charles V. Paul
Dancers: (December 7th) Amanda Zawisza, Brandon Koepsell; (8 December) Natalie Cantalino, Brandon Koepsell

Choreographer: Twyla Tharp
Setting Benjamin Bowman (2018 Allesee Artist in Resident)
Rachel Dunneback, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hooper, Rachel Anderson, Hannah Bialecki, Olivia Bonich, Isabella Brown, Amanda Zawisza and Juliana Zuech
Dance Captain / Understanding: Amanda Benjey
Understanding: Max Gold

Come in, take the place
Choreographer: Maddy Petz
Music: "She's a pretty woman" by panic! On Drive
Dancers: Abby Givens, Joel Fitzpatrick, Hannah Rittmueler, Amanda Zawisza, Katy Mcnarnie

Choreographer: Jennifer Harge
Music: Bobby McFerrin, Steve Reich, Mike Wall, Brooklyn Parks;
arr. Jennifer Harge
Dancers: Kristine Anderson, Rachel Andes, Kendell Burks, Renee Dempsey, Dominique
Denson, Maxwell Golden, Kyrah Gradford, Gabby Heabeart, Emily Hill, Cydney Hunter, Brooklyn Parks, Sarah Renko, Lena Shuptar, Juliana Zuech

Choreographer: Liz Schmidt
Music: "The Title of the House" Julianne Barwick,
"The First Self-Defense Series" Rachel Grimes
Dancers: Amanda Benjey, Hannah Bialecki, Sara Burman, Haley Candela, Natalie Cantalino, Camryn Eaglin, Kayla Gonzalez, Emily Hooper, Christy McAuliffe, Madeline Petz, Hannah Rittmueller, Molly Sute, Ashley Taravella, Shannon White, Amanda Zawisza

Choreographer: Danys "La Mora" Perez
Musicians: Chinelo Amen-Ra and Basira Norris
Dancers: Cameron Blackwell, Micah Bolden, Leah Brown, Taylor Craft, Olivia Kimes, Devany Scott, Anthony Toney


Stage Manager, Jocelyn Levadoux
Assistant manager, Sally Bremer
Costume designer, Tony Toney
Lighting Designer, Andrew Holderfield
Sound designer, Aidan Smith
Assistant designer of lighting, Megan O & Brien


RACHEL ANDES (not yet, it's ok to go) is a native of the Detroit Metropolis. She is currently dancing at renowned Wayne State University. She studied as a BFA student at the university, and she also led her as vice president of dance companies, dance workshops. Rachel is delighted by presenting a job at the annual dance concert held in December 2018.

Gerald Arpino (Valentine) was born in Staten Island, New York, and died in 2008 in Chicago. He received early dance training at Seattle Mary Ann Wells. He founded Joffrey Ballet with Robert Joffrey in 1956 and was a longtime assistant director. After Joffrey's death in 1988, Arpino inherited him as an artistic director. In 1995, Joffrey Ballet moved to Chicago. A proud dancer with the company in his early years, Arpino choreographed his first work for The Joffrey, Ropes, 1961. Shortly thereafter, he became a choreographer Joffrey, and has created more than a third of the repertoire of the company to date. His incredibly diverse work ranges from social commentaries to pure dance gems. His ballets are in the repertoire of companies around the world. Arpino is the first choreographer who has commissioned the ballet to honor the US presidency office: Pantage and Palace present for two days. He was the first American in charge of choreographed ballet for the city, San Antonio, Jamboree. In 1993, Arpino produced the first American first rock-ballet, Billboards, set to Prince's music. In addition, Arpino is the only choreographer who had four ballets in the White House. Arpino served on numerous boards and councils, including the National Advisory Council of the ITI / USA International Ballet Competition and Board of Dance Offices. He was a member of the New York International Art Festival Advisory Committee. He was an advisor to the Kennedy Center Honors Arts Committee.

BENJAMIN BOWMAN (Twyla Tharp's The Hundred) was presented to dance through a program that started the Ballet Sector at the North Carolina School of Arts (UNCSA), studying under Sonja Tyven and later Duncan Noble, Melissa Hayden, Gina Vidal, Frank Smith and Gyula Pandi. He has participated in several summer meetings at the Ballet School in San Francisco and at the American Ballet School (SAB), while continuing to train with Kansas City Ballet staff. Mr. Bowman was admitted to SAB as a regular student after his second year at UNCSA and joined Kansas City Ballet in 1986. He then joined the Fort Worth Ballet in 1988, where he became the main dancer in 1990. He joined the ballet in New York in 1993 , performing at the Ballet Corps and in many solo and main roles as long as he did not leave the company in the spring of 2000. After the NYCB, Mr. Bowman was invited to join the selected group of dancers Twyla Tharp put together to create two new pieces for the American Dance Festival. The band continued their tour and created work for the next two years and created the material that created the foundations of "Movin & # 39; Out," Twyla's hit Broadway show set to Billy Joel's music, in which Mr. Bowman emerged as role of "James". After "Movin & # 39; Out", Mr. Bowman worked for several choreographers and completed a long career working with Martha Clarke to revive her award-winning Obie, "The Garden of Earthly Delights". Mr. Bowman lives in New York and freelance as a teacher, choreographer and both works and represents Access Talent as a voice artist. Since 2010 she has been working for the Twlya Tharp Dance Foundation.

DR. RAS MIKEY COURTNEY (Converge) is a critically acclaimed dance professional whose life mission is to spread a universal understanding of communities and cultures around the world through sharing the gift of art. Dr. RAS is currently acting as an associate professor at State Wayne University and holds BFA in modern dance at the Philadelphia Arts University and holds a Master's Degree in Ethnology from the University of Limerick, Ireland where he completed his Ph.D. in Artistic Research. Dr. For ten years, RAS has worked intensively with Pilobolus as a performer / choreographer and has also worked with Fore Im versatile entertainer (F.I.V.E.) LLC, USA, Ethiopia, Ireland and other countries around the world. "Movement is life and I am a Lifist"

CHRISTI FAULKNER (I Love Surprises) is a choreographer, contractor, director, educator and activist based in Detroit. She is the Art Director of Dance by Kristi Faulkner – a queer-identified contemporary dance company based in Detroit who dares to be different. Performing everything from warehouses to social centers, from museums to the middle of the street, Faulkner believes in creating dance access and empowers the audience to connect with their world. Faulkner is known for his extraordinarily physical and humorous theatrical work that provokes and exploits the ideas of sensuality, strength, authority, disgust, attractiveness and objectivity while authentically representing the LGBTQ identity. Community engagement and co-operation are an integral part of her practice. Her work was commissioned and presented throughout the state of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky and New York. Faulkner is the finalist for the 2018 "Maggie Allesee" choreography for "Women's Work" and finalist for "OBject / obJECT" in 2016. She got a new MCACA from 2017
Leader Award. Her award-winning Knight Arts Challenge project for engaging and inspiring LGBTQ young people through performance and storytelling titled "Not in My House" was premiered in October 2018.

MARK FUCIK (Konvergen) was born in Walnut Creek, California. Graduated in Theater Arts at Rutgers University. Mark joined Pilobolus in 2001 and danced with the main company until 2005. He collaborated with the company in various capacities that engaged Pilobolus Creative Services, teaching and serving as auxiliary creative director. He is on a tour with the original Shadowland cast for two years as a dance captain and associate creative director.

JENNIFER HARGE (line between heaven and here, 2013) Detroit-based starter, choreographer and pedagogue. Her creative work insists on respecting blacks as a way of writing in history that is often mistakenly recorded or missing. Harge has recognized a variety of institutions around the country in the form of choreography, performances, and call centers, including Dayton's Contemporary Dance, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, Pulitzer Arts Foundation,
The National Cathedral in Washington, the Atlantic Arts Center, the Dyer Resident Program, the University of Michigan, the Duke University, and the Wayne State University. In 2017 he won Kresge Arts at the Detroit Fellowship in Performative Arts.

LEAH O & DONNELL (dance ancestors) studied at Joffrey Ballet School. She danced with the Metropolitan Opera, the Washington National Opera, in musicals and in the tour. Other points include Saturday Night, Tonight Show, Trainwreck, Beyoncé and more.

MADDY PETZ (Come, take the place) is a senior BFA dance ensemble. During her years in the department she participated in the dance workshop, Sangani and Society One, as well as musical theater productions in Oklahoma! and legal blonde. Maddy was extremely excited to premiere his work at her latest dance concert with Wayne State.

Meg Paul (Valentine) brings a wealth of significant professional experience in ballet and Broadway performances, as well as teaching at the national level, and works closely with important dance pioneers and choreographers on the field; from the repertoire and art direction of Gerald Arpin and Robert Joffrey to the work of Sir Frederick Ashton, George Balancin, William Forsythe, Dwight Rhoden and Alon King. Her thirty-year career spans a wide range of national and international experiences in performance, choreography, direction, teaching, program development, community engagement and art management. Prior to that she was the main dancer with the world-famous Joffrey Ballet, including huge national and international tours with the company. For Twyla Tharp's award-winning Broadway music, Movin & # 39; Out, served as a dance captain and main contractor from 2001-2005. Her extensive credentials are the highest caliber, and her awards include Princess Grace, American International Award, Detroit Renaissance Hero Award, Sue Nine Award for College Success and Copperfoot Award. Ms. Paul has curated and directed a very successful Detroit Complexions Summer Intensive department and a dance workshop department. Currently, Mrs. Paul is the Director of Dance for the Department and serves as a BFA Advisor and Coordinator of Dance Employment and Ballet Curriculum.

EVA POWERS (Survey Space and Time Finding Time), associate professor, former Department of Dance Department, appeared as a guest artist, choreographer / master teacher across the country, at the national and international level. In her first years in Wayne, she directed and choreographed for the WSU Dance Workshop / Company, which created more than 50 original works, often working in collaboration with fine artists and composers. At present, her research interests focus on dance science and medicine and dance education. She presented her research
lectured masterclass courses at the national and international level for the Dance Master Class across Europe, Stott Pilates International, and at the conferences of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science and for the National Dance Training Organization.

KAREN PRALL is currently an instructor / lecturer at Wayne State University, who teaches the Central African and Modern Dance since 2000. Director of African Dance Company at W.S.U. "For Sangan". Prall's training started at Finney High School in Detroit, passing to N.Y. studying African and Modern Dance from Ailey School, Dance Theater Harlem, LaMama Theater. Conducting extensive travel research in Congo, Senegal, Liberia, Ghana, Suriname, Paris, Maui, the last 3 years of independent study in Cuba, referring this past year. Performing with the First Congolese Company in Tanawa and Bichini Bia Congo of Michigan, artistic director and founder of the Theater of Movement Art, a member of the International Association of Black People in the Prall Dance is known for integrating the explanation of the most important cultural value at its courses on the Congolese dance styles, helping students better understand the relationship between dance and culture, and dedicating the idea that young people hold the key to the future of our society, and that idea is obvious in their works.

LIZ SCHMIDT (TBD) has been working as Art Director of Spotlight Dance Works in Chesterfield, Michigan since 2000. During her SDW mandate, her pre-professional training program became a honorable status
from "Top 20 Studios" in North America, named Dance Spirit Magazine 2011. A year later, this achievement was followed by Liz's Choice as the Dance Teacher Magazine, the Dance Singer Award of the year. Liz was also a finalist in 2012 and 2013 in the Capezio ACE Awards for Choreographic Excellence, and Wayne State University was recently awarded the winner of the Dance Arts Award for the period from 2012 to 2013. Since attending a dance at Wayne State University in 2004, Liz served on the faculty of Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, as well as visiting at Oakland University and the University of Western Michigan. Liz joined The Dance SESSIONS as a full faculty in 2007
and also enjoyed visiting teaching and mentoring positions at many workshops and studios throughout the United States and Canada. In the spring of 2016, Liz acquired the title of Mother for her beautiful, smart and silly daughter Kari Violet Mazurkiewicz.

Twyla Tharp After graduating at Barnard College in 1963, Ms. Tharp choreographed over one hundred sixty works: one hundred twenty-nine dances, twelve television specials, five Hollywood movies, four full length ballet, four Broadway shows and two skating slips. She also wrote three books. She received one Tony Award, two Emmy Awards, nineteen Honorary PhDs, the United States State Veterans Council Chairmanship Award in Vietnam, the 2004 National Art Medal, the Jerome Robbins 2008 Prize and the Kennedy Center Prize 2008. Her support includes John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship. He is a member of the American Academy of Science and Arts and Honorary Member of the American Academy of Science and Arts. In addition to choreographed for her own company Twyla Tharp Dance, she created dances for
companies around the world, where its work continues to be performed. Today, Mrs. Tharp continues
to create.

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