Thursday , June 24 2021

Jim Acosta and CNN accused Sarah Sanders of lying about "retribution"

The white house has suspended the credibility of CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

The move followed the incident during Trump's press conference Wednesday, in which Acosta disputed Trump about his claims about migrating from Mexico to the US border. Trump repeatedly said, "That's enough." As the reporter then tried to ask a question about Russia's investigation, the White House assistant tried to take Acostin's microphone out of him but refused to let go.

Trump called Acosta a "rude, terrible person," and the head of the White House press conference, Sarah Sanders, later said the journalists' difficulties were suspended "until further notice".

Sanders accused Acos of "putting his hands on a young woman who is just trying to do her job as a trainee in the White House," and disrespect for other journalists, not allowing them to ask questions.

Acosta tweeted that it was a "lie".

Incident pictures indicate that the trainee tried to come under Acostin's hand to remove the microphone from him, and his arm fell on her as she continued to try to ask the Trump questions.

Acosta also tweeted a video of secret service officers who took over from his White House.

CNN said in a statement that the suspension of the omission was "retaliated for its challenging questions at today's press conference," and also accused Sanders of "lying on charges and [citing] an incident that has never happened. "

"This past decision is a threat to our democracy and the country deserves better." Jim Acosta has full support, "the network said.

President Trump's Medjugorje campaign strongly focuses on "wagon" migrants heading toward the United States to the United States. He claimed that it was an upcoming invasion and sent thousands of soldiers with active duties to the southern border with Mexico. However, as Acosta and many others have noticed, people traveling to "caravans" are still hundreds of miles from the US.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that CNN "fake news" and encouraged its followers to sing the phrase on the news agency's representatives during their campaigns. This has resulted in multiple death threats by CNN and its staff.

Last month, the CNN bureau in Atlanta received a barrel bomb at the post office, apparently as part of an attempted bombing campaign that also targeted prominent democrats and other critics of the president.

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